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Removing Spider Veins: These Home Remedies and Methods Really Help!

With the rising temperatures we can finally wear shorts, skirts and short dresses again! To be a woman is of course something very nice, but nature has really put us at a disadvantage in some ways. Cellulite, strawberry legs, oily skin and the list goes on – we have a lot of problems to deal with, right? And as if that weren’t enough, in the summer some of us have those little bluish veins that shimmer under the skin on our legs. We are of course talking about the annoying spider veins, which are usually harmless, but can really spoil our mood. So what should we do? Wear long pants in summer? No thank you! Instead, we’ll remove the spider veins! Which home remedies really help, what are spider veins and how can the visible veins be prevented? We will explain all of this and much more to you below!

What are spider veins?

Spider veins remove varicose veins home remedies which helps

Spider veins shimmer bluish or reddish through the skin and are visible as a reticulated pattern, especially on the thighs and lower legs. The small veins are not a serious disease and in principle do not endanger our health, but are still considered a blemish and spoil the desire for short clothes for many women. Spider veins occur when the veins work less and are often a sign of the onset of weak veins. Due to the overstretching of the vessel walls, the veins slowly lose their elasticity over time, which leads to the dark veins. Since women tend to have weaker connective tissue, they are often more affected than men.

What is the difference between varicose veins and spider veins?

what is sclerotherapy spider veins laser experience

Spider veins are usually harmless and should not be confused with varicose veins. Varicose veins are also known medically as varicose veins or varices and can be very dangerous. The superficial veins are so widened that they emerge as knotty, tortuous blood vessels under the skin. Varicose veins are veins that have a reduced ability to carry blood back to the heart and this impairment can lead to blood pooling in the legs. According to a survey, around 20 percent of adults are affected and the first signs show up around the age of 30. Although varicose veins are not a health problem to begin with, they can lead to venous insufficiency – a disease that can spread to other veins over time. As soon as you experience severe pain, insomnia and sore skin, you should definitely consult a doctor and discuss appropriate treatment options.

The most common causes of spider veins

High heels are harmful spider veins removal tips

The causes of spider veins are actually many and there are a number of factors that favor the appearance of the small veins. For example, heredity plays an important role and if it affects your mother or grandma, you will most likely develop spider veins too. Here again the most important causes of spider veins at a glance:

  • Gender and Age – As a rule, women tend to have weak connective tissue more often than men. Older people are also more likely to get spider veins than younger people.
  • High blood pressure and congestion in the veins – If the blood backs up in the veins, the vessel walls can expand – this in turn encourages the development of spider veins. Because of this, people with higher blood pressure are at higher risk of various venous diseases, including spider veins.
  • Obesity and lack of exercise also lead to a slowed blood flow in the veins. Strong weight fluctuations and excess weight wear out the blood vessels and connective tissue, which supports the formation of spider veins. Sitting or lying down for too long also slows the blood flow in the veins and can lead to a feeling of tension in the legs.
  • That Alcohol and nicotine are harmful, we actually all know. The pleasure poisons can also damage the blood vessels in the long term and increased spider veins on the face are even the first indication of an alcohol problem.

Laser or desert spider veins: what you should know about it

what are spider veins what helps against varicose veins

If you find the bluish veins a blemish and want to remove the spider veins, then we have good news for you! There are various treatment options available to you – you could laser or desert the spider veins. In the following, we will explain exactly how this works.

  • Laser spider veins – In laser therapy, the veins are removed with the help of a laser device. In this way, the doctor “shoots” the light energy in a very targeted manner on the enlarged veins and the vessel walls are damaged to such an extent that the body breaks down the spider veins. The laser method is particularly suitable for very thin vessels and usually does not leave any scars. However, in some cases there could be a change in the pigmentation of the skin in the affected areas. Usually several sessions are necessary for a successful removal and depending on the clinic the prices are 100-200 euros per therapy. Since this is a cosmetic treatment, the costs are not covered by the health insurance.
  • Desolate spider veins – The obliteration of the spider veins is still known as “sclerotherapy” and most women find it more painful than laser treatment. A chemical agent is injected into the vessel, which damages the inner wall. As a result, the vein walls stick together and are gradually broken down by the body. There may be slight irritation during the sclerotherapy and multiple sessions are required for optimal results. Here, too, the costs are 100-200 euros and are not covered by health insurance.

Removing Spider Veins: These Home Remedies and Methods Will Help!

Spider Veins Removal Home Remedies Applying Horse Chestnut Ointment

Fortunately, in addition to various medical treatments, there are also some home remedies that we can use to remove spider veins. Unfortunately, we cannot promise you that the following methods will completely remove the small veins, but you can still achieve very good results for the complexion. In addition, some patience is required, because overnight it will not work – to remove the spider veins or at least make them less visible, several weeks of external application is necessary.

Unripe tomatoes and sprouting potatoes against spider veins

Green tomatoes are poisonous spider veins remove home remedies

Unripe tomatoes and sprouting potatoes – sounds strange at first, but it’s actually one of the best ways to remove spider veins at home. In this state, the two foods contain the poisonous alkaloid solanine, which should not be consumed by humans. But that’s exactly where the secret lies, because solanine can actually make the veins less visible after just 2 weeks. To do this, cut an unripe tomato and a sprouting potato into thin slices and place them on the affected areas. Leave on for four to five minutes, remove the vegetables and nourish the skin with a moisturizing cream. For best results, repeat the process 2-3 times a day.

Remove spider veins with horse chestnut ointment

Make horse chestnut ointment yourself what are spider veins

Horse chestnuts not only taste very good, they can actually help against spider veins. They contain the active ingredient aescin, which has a strengthening effect on veins and vessels and reduces water retention in the tissue. A horse chestnut ointment also helps against heavy and swollen legs. You can either buy the finished ointment in the pharmacy or make it yourself. And here is the recipe for the homemade horse chestnut cream:

  • Briefly heat 130 ml lavender oil with approx. 1-2 tbsp horse chestnut shells (also available in the pharmacy or drugstore) over medium heat and then let the mixture cool in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.
  • Apply the horse chestnut ointment to the affected areas in circular movements and allow it to be absorbed. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day and after 2 weeks the spider veins will be less visible.

Apple cider vinegar against spider veins

Apple cider vinegar for the skin which helps against spider veins

Apple cider vinegar is a real all-rounder and, thanks to its blood circulation-promoting properties, it can also help in the fight against spider veins. It is also very easy to use, so you can use it to treat the veins several times a day. To do this, simply drip some apple cider vinegar onto a cotton ball and dab it several times on the affected areas. For best results, we recommend that you use the procedure 4-5 times a day for about 4 weeks – it takes a little longer, but works really well. However, you should avoid treating spider veins on the face with apple cider vinegar, because the acid it contains can irritate and dry out sensitive skin.

Massage oil with lemon and garlic

Leg massage at home spider veins remove home remedies

Homemade massage oil with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic is a cheaper and more effective way to remove spider veins. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties of the food promote lymph flow and blood circulation in the legs, which in turn prevents blood vessel clogging and fluid retention. In addition, the oil has a very relaxing effect and can help against swollen feet! And it’s that simple:

  • Squeeze two cloves of garlic and mix well with the juice of one lemon and 120 ml of olive oil.
  • Pour the tincture into a jar with a lid and let it steep for 48 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Then pour the mixture through a sieve and your massage oil against spider veins is ready.
  • Apply the oil 2-3 times a week to the affected areas, massage in for 10 minutes with light pressure and leave on for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and nourish the skin with a moisturizing cream.

How can you prevent spider veins?

Get rid of strawberry legs how to remove spider veins

Even with spider veins it is said: prevention is better than cure! The good news is that there are some super simple and effective preventative measures out there. The most important are, of course, exercise and sport!

Prevent spider veins with exercise

what helps against spider veins Sports against varicose veins

Regular training not only makes us fit, but also strengthens the connective tissue. In the following we have a few helpful exercises against spider veins for you. For best results, combine the exercises with short alternating showers. After showering, rinse your legs alternately with cold and warm water for a few minutes – this strengthens the skin tissue and stimulates blood circulation.

  • Stand up straight and lift your heels. After a few seconds lower it again and repeat the process for about 5 minutes.
  • Sit on a chair with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Now lift your heels off the floor as far as possible, lift your toes and pull towards your shins. It is best to do the exercise several times a day for 5 minutes.
  • Lie on your back with your legs in the air and repeat the typical movements you would do when you ride a bike for 3-4 minutes.
  • Different stretching exercises for the legs are also ideal to stimulate blood circulation and prevent spider veins.

Compression stockings against spider veins

Compression stockings what for what helps against spider veins

The majority of us work in the office and sit in front of the computer for at least 8 hours a day. Sitting for too long and not moving enough can encourage the development of spider veins. In this case, medical compression stockings would be our salvation! They stimulate the blood circulation in the legs, prevent the legs from swelling and also feel super light and comfortable. There are now many fashionable models on the market that are real eye-catchers.

Avoid high heels and clothing that is too tight

Spider veins laser benefits what are varicose veins

And bad news for all fans of high heels and skinny jeans. What we wear can also affect vein health. High heels and tight clothing can actually encourage spider veins to develop. Due to the tight fit of the trousers, the nerves in the legs are strongly pressed, which makes the veins even more visible. You should also wear high heels only occasionally and not every day and rather put on comfortable sneakers. If there is no other way, always wear high heels with compression stockings.

Spider veins remove varicose veins afterwards using home remedies