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Proven Skin Care Tips: The Secrets of Perfect Skin

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The secrets of perfect skin are still unknown to many of us. Some have beautiful skin from birth, others are unfortunately not so lucky. Those who do not have good skin will have to work harder to get one. The right care is special, depending on what type of skin you have. We have a few tried and true skin care tips that will help you get perfect skin.

Skin care tips or how to get the perfect skin

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Let’s imagine that there were 2 people with the same DNA in front of us. One smokes continuously and likes to stand under the sun, but the other doesn’t. What do you think their skin would be different from each other? Oh yeah.

Smoking – no, sun protection products – absolutely yes

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Such a study has already been done by scientists. They examined 186 pairs of twins. The participants also filled out questionnaires in which they told more about their way of life. It has been found that people who are non-smokers and who have used sunscreen products regularly when out in the sun look younger than their brothers and sisters who do exactly the opposite. In the latter, the wrinkles are much deeper, the skin – speckled. The conclusions here are clear – let’s say “no” to cigarettes and “yes” to sun protection products, including sunglasses.

Skin Care Tips To Combat Skin Aging: Retinoids

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The retinoids clog the pores, help to remove pimples, work against wrinkles, stumble the collagen production, clear the dark spots of the skin and improve their quality. They even help with precancerous lesions. They should always be used in the fight against aging. On the other hand, the retinoids could lead to dry skin, dandruff and reddening of the skin. The dermatologist should tell you the best healing method.

Skin care tips: Please don’t overdo it

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Overuse of cosmetics is the biggest mistake people make, explain dermatologists. The use of many different products can irritate the skin. Furthermore, some of the ingredients can neutralize each other when mixed.

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For example, glycolic or salicylic acid as ingredients break down retinol, hydroquinone or vitamin C. Instead, dermatologists recommend a simple cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer and a retinoid or retinol.

Give the products more time to “work”

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Changing cosmetic products every two weeks can be counterproductive. Even if there is no visible change in the beginning, we give them a chance, dermatologists explain. We have to wait until the entire contents of the product are empty so we can see if there is any effect on our skin. Exceptions are cases in which a rash, swelling or reddening appears after using a product. Then use should stop immediately. It is important to choose the right products for each season. So z. B. In the winter time we should use more oily cream so that it can hydrate our skin, dry from the wind and low temperatures.

A balanced life for more beautiful skin

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It is very important to eat healthily. We really need to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and eat less fatty foods. Sleep also plays a big role in the beauty of our skin. Exercising also has a very positive effect on the skin. The physical activities decrease the stress and the level of his hormone – cortisol – goes down. If you are exposed to more stress, you could get atopic dermatitis and rosacea.