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Protection Against Gastrointestinal Flu – What You Should Know

Gastrointestinal flu-worth knowing-tips-for-protection

There are different things you can do about it Protection against gastrointestinal flu can adhere to. To do this, you just need to follow a few rules of hygiene.

Protection against gastrointestinal flu Wash hands regularly


It is especially important that you wash your hands regularly. This is especially true before gaining food. In this way you avoid ingesting pathogens that may be on your hands orally.

Protection against gastrointestinal flu – food preparation


Protecting against gastrointestinal flu requires careful cooking and eating. If you are preparing meat, but also other foods, wash them thoroughly beforehand. When preparing, you should again make sure that the food is thermally processed long enough. In this way, possible pathogens are killed.

Avoid bodies of water


Since parasites that can cause stomach flu are mostly found in dirty water, you should take it to the Protection against gastrointestinal flu avoid bathing in an outdoor pool or swimming in a lake or river. There is a risk of swallowing the dirty water and becoming infected with the parasites.