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Proper sauna – the sweating cure from a health point of view

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Many people like to go to the sauna when it’s rainy and cold outside. Is the sauna visit just pleasantly warming and relaxing or does it have health benefits? The answer is clear. Targeted, regular sweating in the sauna has several positive effects on health, especially in the cold season. The cardiovascular system is then trained and the muscles are relaxed from the heat. This strengthens the immune system and strengthens it against colds. When used correctly, taking a sauna can improve your health.

Proper saunas – what types of saunas are there?

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In the Scandinavian countries, the sauna has traditionally been used to purify the body and relax for around 2,500 years. In Finland, for example, they have about one million inhabitants own sauna in the house. The Finnish sauna is considered to be classic. Inside, a high temperature of approx. 85-100 ° C is maintained and a low level of humidity – 10%, rising to 30% with infusions. This type of sauna has the most intense effects on the immune system. The BI-O sauna is called “lighter” and you sweat at a pleasant 45-60 ° C and a humidity of 40 – 55%. In addition, this type of sauna is perceived as gentler and the circulatory system is less stressed, making it more suitable for sensitive people. In another type of sauna, the body is not heated by the hot air, but by infrared radiation – also known as an infrared cabin / infrared sauna. The temperature is 38 – 50 ° C and is distributed throughout the body, creating a pleasant feeling. A steam bath is also considered a sauna and the temperature inside is 40 -50 ° C. Due to the high humidity – 40 to 100%, you have the feeling that you are sweating a lot, but it is only an illustration. This type of sauna is very gentle on the circulation and is very good against muscle tension. It’s traditional Material for building a sauna natural wood that has practical and aesthetic reasons. Used for the interior cladding, it doesn’t feel as hot in extreme heat as it would on a stone wall or tiling. In addition, from a technical point of view, wood is a natural heat insulator and absorbs moisture better than other materials, with no risk of mold formation. Woods such as oak, spruce, aspen or hemlock are used. With its unmistakable smell, the material creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Proper sauna use – How often is a sauna healthy??

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A single sauna visit is pleasant and relaxing, but only regular saunas can have lasting positive effects on health. It makes sense to go to the sauna at least once a week. If you are actively involved in sports and feel fit and healthy, you can then easily increase the number of sauna sessions. Even daily sauna bathing is not harmful.

Proper sauna use – how long should the sauna sessions be?


The immune system is activated by alternating between cold and warm. The body’s defenses are then set, strengthened and can protect against colds and other infections. In order to benefit from this particularly valuable effect of the sauna, you really have to take a real sauna, and not for too long. About eight to ten minutes per sauna session at 50 to 60 degrees is good, I recommend Interview with an expert before After the sauna, you can take a cold shower slowly, but not suddenly. No more than three sauna sessions should be planned for every two hours. And above all, those who feel uncomfortable in the sauna should go out earlier.

Proper sauna as a beauty and health tip 

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The increased blood circulation and sweating removes harmful substances from the body, strengthening the skin’s natural protective barrier, which has a positive effect on wrinkle formation. Therefore, after a real sauna, the skin looks young and fresh. People who suffer from asthma, chronic bronchitis, osteoarthritis or back pain can also benefit from the sweating cure. It is forbidden to go to the sauna if you have heart failure of any kind, if you have a venous thrombosis or a narrowing of the main artery, or if you have consumed alcohol or if you have fresh wounds. If you have a cold, it is also not advisable to plan 10-12 visits to the sauna before the cold season instead and thereby strengthen the immune system.