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Promoting mental health: 5 tips for preventing burnout

More and more people suffer from mental health problems. Many people’s lives have become significantly more stressful due to advancing digitization and increasing pressure to perform. Many see themselves at the mental limit due to the high pressure.

Promote Mental Health 5 Helpful Tips

If someone permanently suffers from high psychological stress, this can lead to a depression to lead. Due to the outbreak of the highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 virus, the stresses and fears in everyday life have increased again significantly, which is why it is particularly important to promote mental health at the moment. Even a few small changes in daily life can make everyday life a lot more worthwhile. The focus here is on reducing stress.

Promote mental health: practice mindfulness

Promote mental health. Reduce stress through yoga and meditation

In times of high stress, it is important to practice mindfulness and actively deal with stress, fears and worries. Relaxation exercises like meditation and yoga are the best remedies here. During the exercises it is possible to reduce everyday stress and fears. Just 10 minutes of relaxation exercises a day can help actively reduce anxiety.

Promote Mental Health: Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet and plenty of exercise help against stress

A healthy lifestyle strengthens physical and mental health. It is particularly important to eat a balanced and healthy diet and drink at least 1 liter of water a day. A healthy lifestyle prevents diseases in old age, improves body awareness and makes you happy. Mental health can be significantly improved with small changes in lifestyle.

Promoting Mental Health: Talking About Problems

Conversations with friends promote mental health

It has been proven that just talking about specific problems can help make them less difficult. Even in times of restricted contact, regular exchanges with friends and family are crucial for your own mental health. Talking about stressful topics can actively counteract fears and worries. It is important to also listen to other people’s problems. Helping friends and family can trigger positive emotions and thus also reduce stress.

Promote mental health: hold on to positive emotions

Keep an emotion diary as an aid to depression

To promote mental wellbeing it can be helpful to have a To keep an emotion diary. People who are particularly stressed can try the following: Every day, jot down things that make you proud or that made you happy. So you actively deal with your positive feelings and emphasize them again.

Promoting mental health: learning to let go

Promote mental health and learn to let go

It is particularly important not to go to bed stressed, sad or depressed. You should also try to learn to switch off with the help of the tips listed above. The thoughts of the stressful job or the many tasks of the next day are usually not helpful, but rather increase the stress level. So it is important to learn to switch off and to take some time for yourself every evening. This not only gathers strength for the tasks ahead, but also actively prevents mental health.