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Mesotherapy against cellulite – presentation and effects


The popularity of the Mesotherapy for cellulite continues to rise over half a century after its discovery. Almost everyone has heard of it before, but few have endured it. The question arises whether it is worth having this procedure carried out on our body.

The technical term “mesotherapy” comes from the Greek “mesos”, which means “medium” and “therapeia”, which means “therapy”. Mesotherapy is an invasive procedure without surgical intervention, in which solutions of medicinal or homeopathic remedies, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids or others are injected into the middle layer of the skin. It is used to treat cellulite and stretch marks and to shape the silhouette of the body. It is still used as an anti-aging therapy and is used to treat hair loss.

the Mesotherapy for cellulite was founded in 1952 by Dr. Michel Pistor discovered while doing a clinical examination. A few years later he published his results and introduced the term “mesotherapy”, which the media later spread. In 1987 therapy was recognized as a medical specialty in the French Medical Academy and gradually spread across Europe. Initially the therapists injected the solutions by hand, but over time the special pistols became more and more popular. However, hand injections are still more popular. Because, in contrast to the procedure with a pistol, none of the material is lost, the price is also higher. The price of the procedure varies depending on the area being treated and also depends on the quality and amount of material used.

the Mesotherapy for cellulite: what to expect

therapy meso head and neck syringe

While there are many procedures and machines designed to help fight cellulite, most of them only treat the skin superficially and unfortunately do not improve its overall condition.

the Mesotherapy for cellulite on the other hand, it brings such good results because it works in the deeper areas of cellulite and not only reduces the external appearance. In its initial phase, it is best to deal with it in several sessions. But the best thing is that mesotherapy can have a positive effect even on cellulite at an advanced stage.

Mesotherapy is popular with women


the Mesotherapy for cellulite can eliminate them on the legs and buttocks, get rid of the orange peel and smooth the contour of the skin. Usually 10 to 25 treatments are recommended to get rid of all visible cellulite. Of course, more procedures are required for patients with more advanced cellulite. In no case should you focus solely on the Mesotherapy for cellulite leaving. Because if you really want to get rid of them entirely, a healthy diet and exercise are a must.

the Mesotherapy for cellulite is used to lose weight and shape the contours of the body. It removes the unwanted accumulations of fat and smoothes the skin. This method is aimed at the receptors of the fat cells, which cause lipogenesis, i.e. the production of fats, and lipolysis, the breakdown of fat.

The receptors that are responsible for fat loss are called beta receptors and those that produce fat are called alpha receptors. The alpha receptors are stimulated to produce fat when there is an increase in carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, hormones or alcohol.

In both women and men, the alpha and beta receptors are relatively the same, 1: 1 down to the waist. From the lower back down, women have 6 to 8 alpha receptors for one beta receptor each. This is also the main reason why women find it harder to burn fat on the stomach, buttocks and thighs. Their bodies are simply designed to accumulate more fat in these areas. The therapist selects the formula from various drugs that block the alpha receptors and stimulate the beta receptors, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Mesotherapy against cellulite and to rejuvenate the skin on the face

Mesotherapy spa procedure woman instrument

During mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are injected directly under the skin to give it the nutrients it needs to regenerate. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates the metabolism. With increasing age, the blood circulation slows down and with it the ability of the organism to excrete toxins. For this reason, the elasticity of the skin decreases and wrinkles appear.

Mesotherapy procedure 


After the procedure, patients feel their skin is fresher, firmer and more elastic. Mesotherapy can be used both as an add-on and as an alternative to other rejuvenation procedures such as botox, chemical peeling, facelift, etc..

Undesirable side effects of mesotherapy for cellulite

the Mesotherapy for cellulite is completely harmless to health. In contrast, with liposuction, for example, there are around 100 deaths a year. Possible side effects include temporary bruises on the skin, redness, itching, and a burning sensation in the treated area. Even slight pain can occur in the first few days. The risk of infection from the injection itself is minimal.

Most patients can go back to work the day after therapy


Despite the widespread use of the Mesotherapy for cellulite some patients do not get the desired effect. Often this is up to themselves as they only rely on therapy and lead an unhealthy and lazy life. Of course, it also happens that the therapist is incompetent. For this reason, you should inform yourself well beforehand and only entrust yourself to proven specialists.