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Essential oil recipes and diffuser mixtures to feel good!

Especially in the cold and gray winter days, wonderful scents ensure relaxation and well-being in your own home. Various essential oils are natural, fragrant essences that have a direct effect on our emotions and psyche through inhalation. However, aromatherapy at home can do a lot more than just that – depending on the diffuser mixes used, not only our mood is affected. Concentration and memory can also be promoted or pain in illnesses can be alleviated. Why should you use essential oil diffusers, what are the benefits of an aromatherapy diffuser for our health and wellbeing? All of this, as well as many essential oil recipes with different effects, can only be found in our article!

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Not only do essential oils smell incredibly good, they also offer us numerous health benefits. It is no longer a secret that nature has a healing effect on our body and organism. Essential oils are highly concentrated phytonutrients that are obtained from the different parts of the plants – for example from the seeds, roots, leaves or even the flowers. The healing active ingredients are obtained through pressing, extraction or steam distillation and are highly concentrated in the oils. However, when buying, you should always make sure that you are buying 100% all-natural products that do not contain any synthetic ingredients. Using a diffuser is probably the easiest, most effective way to reap the many benefits essential oils can offer.

Essential Oils Recipes and How Exactly Does an Aroma Diffuser Work?

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Diffusers for essential oils can be found in all possible sizes and shapes – from simple and simple models to real decorative designer pieces that can be wonderfully integrated into the interior, everything is included. Another big advantage of Aroma Diffusers are the prices – you can get simple and inexpensive entry-level models for little money that work just as well. Either atomization (cold air) or an ultrasonic diffuser (water) are particularly popular for home use. Add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to the water and the oil particles are then atomized into microfine drops. By misting, the active ingredients of the oils reach our bloodstream very quickly. The dosage and the mixing ratio are very individual, but in general, about 5 to 8 drops are ideal for 400 ml of water. If you would rather use a little more, you should, for example, nebulize 5 drops no longer than 20 minutes at a time. This is followed by a short break of around 2 hours and only then can you nebulize again for another 20 minutes.

What are the advantages of a diffuser aromatherapy?

Essential Oils Recipes Aromatherapy Diffuser Benefits

The wonderful scent of the essential oils not only ensures a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the rooms – the gentle spray mist supports us in many different situations. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful human senses and our body contains more than 1000 receptors for smells. You have probably already noticed that some fragrances have a more positive effect on your mood and well-being than others. In the following, we will tell you why an aroma diffuser is an absolute must in every home.

  • Purifies the air at home – The essential oil recipes purify the air in the room without you having to use other chemical sprays or cleaning agents. Basil oil, for example, helps reduce allergens and tea tree oil is ideal for disinfecting bacteria and viruses in the air and strengthens our immune system. Other oils that are useful for this are, for example, lemon, juniper berry and lime.
  • Ensures a peaceful and better sleep – One of the most famous properties of an aroma oil diffuser is its ability to help you relax after a hard day. Lavender, chamomile, tangerine, and rose are particularly good for this.

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  • Essential oils have a pain-relieving effect – Do you know those days when you can barely make it out of the door or out of bed? The active ingredients of essential oils help you with many different ailments and diseases. For example, peppermint can help relieve nausea or migraines, improve digestion and reduce allergic reactions. Oregano oil is great for respiratory ailments, heartburn, and for relieving menstrual cramps. Sandalwood oil relieves the symptoms of sore throats and colds.
  • Many essential oil recipes for Aroma Diffuser work great as a Insect repellent. Peppermint oil, for example, is particularly useful for this purpose.

An aroma oil diffuser has disadvantages?

Make essential oil recipes yourself diffuse aromatherapy

If you are a newbie and still not entirely familiar with diffuser aromatherapy, there are a few details to consider.

  • While most essential oils are considered safe, they can be allergic reaction cause in you. Before using a new oil, make sure you are not allergic to it. To check this, mix 1-2 drops of the essential oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil, apply the mixture to your inner forearm and let it work for 10 minutes.
  • If you pregnant you should consult a doctor in advance and clarify which oils you can safely use.
  • Some essential oils can be harmful to pets. – If you have a dog or cat, the following oils should be avoided: tea tree, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, lavender, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus and lemon.

The best essential oil recipes for concentration and stress relief

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Essential Oils Recipes for Better Concentration – Are you looking for ways to improve your concentration while working or studying? This diffuser mixture has an invigorating effect and helps you to clear your head.

  • 4 drops of peppermint
  • 4 drops of cinnamon
  • 2 drops of rosemary

Aroma oil diffuser for stress – Warm, spicy and floral notes will help you leave the stress behind after a long day. The mixture has a calming and relaxing effect and gives the room a wonderful scent.

  • 4 drops of lavender
  • 3 drops of clary sage
  • 2 drops of ylang ylang oil
  • 1 drop of marjoram

Lavender oil has a more diffuse effect on essential oils

Essential Oils Recipes for more energy – You have just come home from work and the laundry is waiting there or the children are hungry – does that sound familiar to you? If so, then our next diffuser mix is ​​exactly what you need!

  • 3 drops of rosemary
  • 3 drops of peppermint
  • 3 drops of lemon

If you’re struggling through an extra long afternoon at the office, the next aromatherapy diffuser recipe makes for you Energy kick:

  • 4 drops of wild orange
  • 4 drops of peppermint

Do you feel depressed, unfocused and tired? Frankincense is an ancient oil that has been used for many years Stress relief is used. It strengthens the immune system and creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere in the room.

  • 2 drops of frankincense
  • 2 drops of orange
  • 2 drops of lavender

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Our next suggestion for diffuser mix is ​​reminiscent of refreshing cocktails, lift the mood and helps you stay focused for the rest of the day.

  • 3 drops of peppermint
  • 3 drops of lime

Increase yours Focus and energy with this great diffuser aromatherapy that is very rich in antioxidants and supports your immune system.

  • 5 drops of mint
  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of orange

If you are feeling depressed or just plain sluggish and tired, try this essential oil diffuser recipe. It lifts your mood and the happy scents will take you to a happier place – just the perfect mix for meditating or doing a little yoga!

  • 3 drops of bergamot
  • 2 drops of geranium
  • 3 drops of lavender

Essential oils of the common cold

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Strong headache? The following aroma oil diffuser mixture relieves the symptoms, stimulates the blood circulation and provides a peaceful and calming feeling.

  • 2 drops of marjoram
  • 2 drops of thyme
  • 2 drops of rosemary

Essential oils recipes against Breathing problems have an antibacterial effect and smell amazingly good. If you need a little boost of energy or are battling a cold, this is the perfect diffuser mix for you!

  • 2 drops of lemongrass oil (read more about the effects of lemongrass here)
  • 2 drops of basil oil
  • 1 drop of lavender

Sandalwood combined with neroli is especially beneficial for your physical health, especially if you feel constantly sluggish and tired in winter. The following diffuser combats aromatherapy Infections, Respiratory diseases and provides support with anxiety or heart problems.

  • 7 drops of sandalwood
  • 2 drops of neroli oil

Fit and healthy through the winter with these essential oil recipes

Lavender oil benefits essential oils cold aroma diffuser

Especially in winter it is very important to our Strengthen the immune system and protect us from various diseases. The next diffuser recipe is an absolute must during the cold season for everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy:

  • 3 drops of rosemary
  • 2 drops of cinnamon
  • 2 drops of clove
  • 1 drop of eucalyptus

Use the next diffuser mix if you’re under respiratory symptoms To suffer:

  • 2 drops of peppermint
  • 1 drop of lemon
  • 1 drop of eucalyptus
  • 1 drop of rosemary

Wonderful essential oil recipes to make you feel good

Aromatherapy for Better Sleep Lavender Oil Diffuser

Finally, we have prepared many incredible essential oil recipes for you, which will ensure a pleasant, inviting and very cozy atmosphere in your home. For a relaxed and peaceful sleep try the following diffuser mix:

  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 drops of chamomile oil
  • 2 drops of vetiver oil

The next diffuser mix is ​​perfect for cool days when you just want to stay at home under the covers.

  • 4 drops of wild orange
  • 3 drops of cinnamon
  • 3 drops of ginger

Unpleasant smell at home and no cleaning agent with you that really helps? Then we have the solution for you!

  • 3 drops of lemongrass
  • 3 drops of orange

essential oils recipes for diffuse aromatherapy benefits health

In the mood for a tasty one Chai Tea Latte?

  • 3 drops of cardamom
  • 2 drops of cassia oil
  • 2 drops of cloves
  • 1 drop of ginger

The next aromatherapy diffuser smells wonderfully delicious Sweets and your kids are guaranteed to love the scent.

  • 2 drops of wild orange
  • 2 drops of wintergreen

Would you like to take a walk through the forest, but no time for it? Instead, try the following essential oil recipes:

  • 3 drops of frankincense
  • 2 drops of fir oil
  • 1 drop of cedar wood oil

Aroma diffuser blends essential oils for a cold

If you want your home to smell like a flower garden full of blossoms, then the next diffuser mix is ​​for you!

  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of chamomile
  • 1 drop of geranium oil

The next Aroma Oil Diffuser recipe smells wonderful and gives your home a fresh and inviting atmosphere:

  • 2 drops of lemon
  • 2 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of rosemary

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