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Ergonomics at work with a computer – 4 important tips


Life without a computer and without the Internet is hard to imagine today. The long working day in front of the screen often results in back and shoulder pain, headaches and burning eyes. These problems can be prevented, or at least the risk can be reduced. In this context, Ergonomics at the workplace spoken. In this article we give you some practical advice.

Why is ergonomics so important in the workplace?


Optimizing ergonomics is intended to improve the working environment. This brings the employee a healthier way of working and and the employer – increased work performance of the employees and less sickness-related downtime.

A very important prerequisite for this is the user-friendliness of the workplace. Pay attention to a high quality standard of the office furnishings, but this alone is no guarantee for problem-free work. The correct setting of the office furniture, the positioning of the devices and adequate lighting are also important factors for a healthy working atmosphere. Protect yourself from fluctuating temperatures and drafts, because they increase the risk of illness.

Make sure you have a working area of ​​at least 4.5 m2 per person. The work areas should be designed as barrier-free as possible and the noise level when using machines should be kept as low as possible.

Steps to optimally set up the workplace: 1. Table position in the room


The work table and screen must be set up parallel to the window so that the light comes in from the side. (Screen at a 90 ° angle to the window). Additional lighting fixtures should also be aligned parallel to the viewing direction.

It is best to choose a height-adjustable table. The height of the work surface should be between 680 and 840 mm. A minimum width of 1200, a length of 800 mm and a maximum thickness of 30 mm are required for the table top.

2. Office chair adjustment and sitting posture


An outdated office chair that does not adapt to the user can cause serious damage to health. An ergonomic chair has a height and tilt adjustable backrest with lumbar support and armrests, rocker mechanism and wheels that ensure optimal comfort and mobility when sitting. The seat shouldn’t be too soft or have sharp edges, as they can cause swollen legs and poor blood circulation.

Use seating that is optimally tailored to the owner


You must adjust the seat height of the office chair so that your thighs are at an angle of at least 90 ° to the lower leg and torso. The thighs must lie fully on the seat and the feet must be in full contact with the floor. If you sit correctly, you often change your position.

The height of the chair is set correctly by using the elbow height as the table height. A footrest with an angle of inclination of 30-45 ° is useful for small people.


By adjusting the height of the office chair, cramping of the legs can be optimally prevented. Individually adjustable armrests help to relieve the arms. An office chair can be found in any imaginable form.

3. Position the screen, keyboard and table lamp


Place the screen and keyboard parallel to the edge of the table, straight in front of you. This avoids reflections on the screen and too bright light. The use of blinds is recommended in very bright work rooms.

If you use paper documents at work, it is best to obtain an inclined document support that is positioned between the keyboard and the screen.


You should position the upper edge of the screen so that it is at least 10 cm below eye level. The viewing distance to the screen is 60 to 80 cm, with larger screens a little more is allowed.

4. Ergonomics at the computer workstation: Fit for work


It is extremely important that you have enough movement while you work. Here are a few simple tips:

– Change your sitting position as often as possible while working!

– Adjust the resistance of the backrest optimally so that it swings comfortably when you lean back!

– Make short breaks and movements consciously.


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