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EMS for the home: what does electrical muscle stimulation do?

EMS device electrical muscle stimulation against back pain

Electrical muscle stimulation – often referred to simply as EMS – is a type of treatment that is often used in physiotherapy or other rehabilitation areas. The two main uses of this technology are pain relief and muscle building. The method of stimulating nerves or muscles with electrical impulses has developed significantly in recent years and is used in far more diverse ways. Formerly a niche technology used primarily by physical therapists or professional athletes, today EMS devices are sold for personal use and sometimes used in gyms for effective full body training. Although six packs and similar results are unrealistic, EMS kits for the home offer many advantages and can be used regularly for therapeutic purposes.

What is electrical muscle stimulation and how does it work?

What is EMS and how does it work electrodes

Electrical muscle stimulation works by attaching ribbon electrodes to the skin that send electrical impulses to specific muscle groups. This special current contracts the muscles and relieves discomfort and pain. For athletes, the technology is widely used to speed healing of muscle fibers and reduce recovery time.

While electrical muscle stimulation has been around for over 50 years and is primarily used in physiotherapy, some sports studios have developed new applications for the technology. During EMS training, you wear a stimulation suit that is connected to a control panel. Depending on the exercise being performed, the trainer selects the respective muscle group and adjusts the current to increase the stimulation of these muscles.

EMS training suit for muscle stimulation to build muscle

Previously, most of these EMS devices were operated by a healthcare professional to ensure proper use and safety. However, some innovation-oriented companies such as StimaWELL® have put their 40 years of experience in the field of muscle stimulation into modern EMS training devices that can be used comfortably at home. If you want to get to know EMS training, you can opt for one of the monthly rental packages or buy an EMS suit for your home. Many valuable tips about the equipment, the technology and the exercises can be found on their website

EMS for pain relief

EMS device for pain relief in the knee

Electrical muscle stimulation can be used effectively for pain relief. One theory is that the stimulation causes the brain to release the body’s natural pain relievers – endorphins and enkephalins – resulting in pain relief. Studies have shown a significant increase in these substances after the application of low-frequency electrical stimulation. EMS is particularly effective in treating back pain and tension and offers many people an alternative to taking painkillers. However, the underlying condition that is causing pain should be recognized and treated.

EMS against cellulite

EMS against cellulite stimulates the blood circulation in the skin

Electrical muscle stimulation can promote metabolism by improving blood flow. This also helps activate skin cells, stimulate collagen synthesis and improve skin elasticity. The electrical stimulation also works effectively against cellulite. However, it is important that you combine treatment with a balanced diet, avoid fat and sugar, and keep your body hydrated both inside and out. Cellulite can be reduced or prevented, but it takes time and effort.

Helps electrical stimulation with weight loss?

EMS training at home building muscle weight reducing cellulite.jpg

So far there are only a few studies that show a direct connection between EMS and weight loss. However, the electrical stimuli can increase blood flow and improve blood flow to the muscles. This shortens the recovery time of the muscles after training and increases the energy expenditure. So you are more efficient and can train with high intensity. So electrical stimulation can help you lose weight, but as part of a comprehensive exercise program.


Electrical muscle stimulation has many advantages. The technology can not only help to effectively relieve pain and train muscles again after injuries or illnesses, but can also be used in a variety of ways. Modern EMS devices are often compact, user-friendly and make EMS training at home possible. There are few risks associated with using EMS exercise equipment. Before you start EMS fitness training at home, it is best to seek advice from an EMS trainer.