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Easily relieve & reduce stress with these 10 simple tips & tricks

Reduce stress in everyday life with various methods and tips

In this day and age, stress is not only a common problem, it can almost be seen as a normal part of everyday life, which is sadly sad. Since a dynamic and stressful everyday life can hardly be avoided nowadays, it is therefore also important to find methods with which you can reduce stress or even stop stress, because it is no secret that it makes you sick in the long run. There are many different ways in which you can reduce stress in everyday life and we would like to introduce these to you today. Always try to find a balance and end a stressful workday in a calm and calming way by relieving stress.

Reduce stress – tips for everyone

Simple tips to reduce and reduce stress with and without exercise

It is recommended always and everywhere to do something about stressful situations. But how can you reduce stress? Exercise is a wonderful method, but not everyone is a fan of it. So are there alternatives? Below is a list of 10 different tips that explain how you can reduce stress with more than just exercise. You will definitely find a suitable variant for yourself. Try to consistently implement and adhere to the methods you have chosen in order to achieve an effect.

Chewing gum and relieving stress without medication

Relieve stress with chewing gum thanks to aromas and flavors

As strange as this sounds, a simple piece of chewing gum can really help reduce stress. According to studies, chewing gum is also a good aid when it comes to worries or mild anxiety. The exact reason is not known, but there are two theories: On the one hand, rhythmic chewing promotes blood flow to the brain and, on the other hand, the smell and taste of the chewing gum should have a relaxing effect.

Go outside

A walk in the fresh air reduces the stress in everyday life

Another way to relieve stress is to simply go outside. A short walk works wonders. And it doesn’t have to be an hour-long walk. It is enough to just take a walk near your home. This way, you can not only relieve stress in your head. At the same time, you will also become physically active without doing any heavy exercise.

Relieve stress with a smile, but how exactly?

Smiling and laughing releases positive hormones that reduce stress

It has been proven that smiling, and more specifically, tensing your muscles, has a relaxing effect on your body and mind. The hormones that are released in the process reduce stress. In addition, smiling lowers high blood pressure as soon as a stressful situation is over. So smile more often. There doesn’t always have to be a specific reason.

Fight stress with lavender

The scent of lavender helps relieve stress

Certain scents can also have a relaxing effect. That includes lavender, as shown by a study where nurses put lavender on their clothes while others did their work without lavender. It turned out that the nurses on lavender were much more relaxed than those without lavender. This fragrant plant can have the same effects as anti-anxiety drugs and pain relievers. However, if you are taking this type of medication and would like to use lavender to relieve stress, you should discuss this with your doctor beforehand.

listen to music

Music makes you happy and reduces stress and worries

It is well known that music has a positive influence on us. So use them when you want to relieve stress. Especially when stressful situations like an exam or a lecture are coming up, music is an excellent help. One study showed that the stress hormone cortisol is released in lower amounts when choral music is heard.

Reduce stress – methods with relaxing breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are good stress killers and provide the body with oxygen

Don’t underestimate the power of proper breathing! While you concentrate on breathing, your brain “forgets” current stressful situations and problems and can relax. To do this, breathe in and out slowly and deeply through your nose. The chest and stomach should fill up nicely with air. Count the seconds as you breathe: Breathe out slowly, exactly as long as you inhaled. It’s also best to repeat a word or phrase that you find comforting. If you want to relieve stress with this type of exercise, it is best to do it for at least 10 minutes.

Calming self-talk

Reduce stress with motivating and calming self-talk

That may sound strange, but it is meant seriously. If a friend was in an uncomfortable, stressful, or problematic situation, wouldn’t you try to calm them down with nice, motivating, or encouraging words? Then why don’t you do the same with yourself? Simple sayings like “You can do it!”, “Everything will be fine!” Or “It will work out!” Can be more helpful than you might think. And it’s hard to get rid of stress more easily than that, right?

To write

Relieve stress with a journal or by jotting down problems and writing them down

You can also relieve or reduce stress by pouring your heart out on paper. A simple piece of paper or a diary will do just fine. Write down everything you are concerned about, not leaving out any details. This method is calming and at the same time helps to find a solution that you may not have thought of before. If the classic materials such as pen and paper are too cumbersome for you, you can also do this on your mobile phone or laptop.

Talk to a friend

Conversations with friends or family help against stress, worries and fears

Instead of writing down the problems, you can just talk to a friend or relative you trust. Especially when you find someone who has experienced the same thing, you can relieve and reduce stress wonderfully. It’s not necessarily about getting advice, either. Sometimes you just want to say everything out loud and find someone to listen to.

Reduce stress with exercise

Choose badminton or other fun sport for stress relief

And of course we would also like to mention physical activity. And the selection is huge, so that everyone can find something suitable. Regardless of whether you relieve mental stress with yoga, cycling, swimming, boxing, a martial arts or rowing – what is good for your body cannot harm your mind at all. So consider exercising if you just want to let go, relax and forget about all worries. You will be amazed how energetic you can feel even after a hard workout.