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Carbonated drinks and their negative effects


It is known that drinking carbonated beverages is not healthy. But as scientists at the University of San Francisco, California have now discovered, weight gain is not the only negative consequence of carbon dioxide consumption. For the study, over 5000 people were observed and the effect of consuming carbonated beverages on their DNA. Such Carbonated drinks can even be as dangerous as smoking if you consume around 500 ml every day. This is because changes occur in the body or in the DNA. These are comparable to the changes in a person 4.6 years older.

Why avoid carbonated drinks?


But with all of this, there is also good news. Namely, those who resort to diet drinks can stop these consequences. According to the scientists, this proves that the amount of sugar also plays an important role. Seen in this way, it is even the trigger for the changes that occur. So you should get the ordinary Carbonated drinks Wean or at least reduce them due to their sugar content.

Carbonated drinks and related problems


These also contribute to the development of diseases in the body. This is because the sweetened drinks exert control of the metabolism on the zacharin. Another effect of the Carbonated drinks is that the cells age faster.


the Carbonated drinks do not cause you to age visibly faster. However, you shouldn’t overdo it with their consumption. As you may know, previous research has shown that such drinks can even lead to cancer. And it is very certain that they damage your teeth, regardless of whether they are diet drinks or ordinary Carbonated drinks acts.