Wall design bedroom – 25 effective ideas

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Wall design bedroom is becoming more and more important nowadays. You want to find your individual preferences and inspirations on the wall in the greatest area of ​​relaxation – in our bedroom. Some love bold colors, others prefer monochrome walls and abstract art where the contours of the door almost disappear. You can find some great ideas for color design in the sleeping area in this article.

Wall design bedroom with wallpaper


The wallpapers are the most chosen option for the Wall design bedroom as a furnishing idea. It is a beautiful and great way to support the cosiness or the lines of the furniture, highlight it or make it look softer. Asian accents with bamboo plants, forest landscape with trees or black and white skyscrapers from well-known megacities of the world. Blue textiles on bedspreads and curtains interact with the snow from the landscape on the wall, support the cleanliness and the white color like in a winter fairy tale. Retro figures adorn wallpaper and are illuminated by LEDs with art panels and recessed wall parts in front. It is the interpretation of each individual owner in their own four walls.

Wall design bedroom – other interesting ideas


as Wall design bedroom The idea would be a wall made of mirrors or red plastic panels. This is the somewhat luxurious way to individually design a bedroom with a more personal touch. You could even hang textiles with hand-embroidered elements in frames as art on the wall. Picture frames, art paintings, photos or wall tattoos, inscriptions give every bedroom an attractive and effective look. The wall color is also an expression of personal strength in the color palette.

Wall design bedroom – white wall panels with relief

wall design-bedroom-ideas-light-beige-bed-upholstery-wall panels-relief

Wall design bedroom in baroque style – wall panels covered with patterned fabric

wall design-bedroom-effective-ideas-baroque-style-panels-wall cladding-pattern-brown

Bedroom wall design – stylish living ideas and inspiration

Wall mirror headboard bed

Mirror wall as a stylish completion of the high headboard of the bed


Textile or wallpaper in frames interact with the interior of the bedroom


LED lighting for more effect

Forest-motifs-brown-and-gold-colored accents

Imaginary world in the forest


Pink wall with tattoo


Brown tones with retro patterns on the wallpapers

modern interior wall design

A room full of frame accents

Wall design bedroom skyscrapers

My mega city at home


Classic wall paint in a classic interior



Winter landscape wall design bedroom

Luxury bedroom wall design with high gloss panels




Trees-Asian-point of view-wall design

brown-stylish-wall-design-with-picture frames

Bedroom-design-with-wall-design-wooden floor

Asian motifs wall design bedroom