The dressing room – perfect organization for every home


The dressing room must be designed and implemented according to the individual needs and wishes of the house owner. Different materials can be considered for its production, the choice of colors and panels with different properties is really huge. You can opt for sliding doors or sliding doors. If you have a separate dressing room, we recommend using console systems. Floor-to-ceiling metal columns and cantilever shelves and accessories with the ability to move depending on the season are a very practical solution. A positive feature of this type of cabinet system is that you can always buy additional shelves and accessories. With such an open closet system, it is advisable to think about clothing as it can be protected from dust. Every day new mechanisms and accessories come onto the market that optimize the look in the dressing room. They are easy to use and more convenient.

The dressing room and its equipment

minimalist-dressing-room-shoes-drawers-and-cupboards-made of wood

The dressing room contains a standard equipment, namely the following: shelves for folded clothes, boxes, levers for hanging clothes and drawers for underwear, here you can have a special dressing table and extra boxes for jewelry. The men also have something special to offer: a separate closet for belts, suits, trousers and ties. A built-in ironing board can also be provided. Of course, the shoes have also been thought of, retractable stands are available for your pairs of shoes. And don’t forget the lighting in the dressing room, because it’s important too! These can be built-in diodes that can easily be mounted in the closet or on the shelf. When the door to the dressing room is opened, they come on immediately.

The dressing room according to standards


The dressing room, According to the norm, there must be a space of 35-50 cm between two shelves, depending on the type of clothes or boxes that are stored there. Drawers for underwear can be a separate module in the closet. Depending on your wishes and needs, they can be of different depths. Our tip: If you have enough space in the dressing room, then you can also think of various extras, accessories and accessories such as comfortable chairs, armchairs, bench, etc. Take into account their size in advance with the free space and decide where they will be installed so that they do not hinder the opening of doors, especially the opening of sliding doors.


Open living area


Classic detail in the dressing room

Chandelier-mural-wallpaper-wooden shelves-classic

Dressing room with ottoman bench


Wall decorations and lanterns create a cozy atmosphere when changing clothes

Dressing-room-with-metal frame-as-a-room

A whole room as a dressing room

Dressing room with wooden shelves

Lots of boxes and boxes 

Dressing room with sliding glass doors