Solid wood beds: which wood is best for your interior?

It is proven that you can find pure relaxation in nature. That is why it makes sense to make the bedroom, where we spend an average of a third of our lives, as natural as possible. Natural materials not only ensure comfort, but also have a positive effect on the room climate. A solid wood bed, for example, acts as a climate regulator because the open-pored surface structure of the wood can compensate for the degree of humidity to a certain extent. In the following, you will find out which other advantages solid wood beds offer and which wood would best match your furnishings in terms of color.

Benefits of solid wood beds for a healthy bedroom

Benefits of solid wood beds for a healthy bedroom

Apart from their natural charisma, bring Solid wood beds even more advantages:

  • They are characterized by a very long service life.
  • They are produced in an ecologically sustainable manner.
  • They are extremely resilient and robust.
  • Pressure points, scratches and dents in the wood can be easily repaired.
  • Each solid wood bed is absolutely unique thanks to the individual grain of the wood.
  • Solid wood furniture is timelessly beautiful and fits perfectly into any interior.

Which wood is best for massive beds?

Which wood is best for solid wood beds

Oak – The wood of the oak is yellowish-white to yellow-brown and varies depending on the wood treatment. Cool green, such as emerald or sage green, goes perfectly with a bed made of solid oak. This combination is reminiscent of a forest and is also perfect for the modern urban jungle trend. And combined with stone gray and white you give your bedroom in the Scandinavian look a natural charm.

Wild oak is also very popular for making solid wood beds. The term does not refer to a tree species in the traditional sense. Rather, it is used to make it clear that it is a special oak wood. A characteristic feature of the wild oak is the very interesting, eye-catching grain and distinctive pores, which give the bed a rustic flair.

Wild oak solid wood bed in combination with metal furniture and green plants

beech is also a hardwood, but is softer than oak. The same goes for the wild oak Heart beech essentially about the optics. The wood is heavy, less elastic and can be processed and colored very well. For this reason, solid beech beds are available in many different colors. When it comes to furnishing, you can rely on warm colors such as yellow, orange and rose, because they nicely emphasize the warmth of the beech wood.

jaw belongs to the conifers and has a pleasant light color. Due to the high content of natural resins, pine wood is moisture-proof and resistant to moths. A bed made of solid pine wood can be wonderfully combined with other furnishing elements in country house style or Scandi style.

a dark green wall in the bedroom nicely highlights the stone pine bed

Stone pine – The Swiss stone pine is a softwood. This natural wood has a light color and characteristic, lively grain. It also contains essential oils and resins and gives off an irresistible fragrance. If you want to bring the comfort of an alpine chalet into your own bedroom, you should invest in a stone pine bed.

walnut is a very hard type of wood that is also extremely resistant to insect infestation. The walnut has a dark, elegant look and has a retro flair that is particularly suitable for large rooms. A solid walnut bed fits perfectly in a mid-century modern style bedroom.

Cherry wood is known for its red-brown color, which becomes increasingly darker over time. Due to the uniform, noble-looking structure of the wood, this material is very popular for the production of high-quality furniture. The reddish wood tone comes into its own in combination with white and anthracite.

The type of wood in the solid wood beds also plays a decisive role in the price. Beech or core beech are significantly cheaper than walnut or cherry wood. But buying such a bed can be seen as a good investment, because solid wood often lasts for generations without losing its beauty or quality.

Caring for a solid wood bed properly

Solid wooden bed dark against a gray wall in the bedroom

When the solid wood bed arrives at your home, give it some time to acclimate. Just leave it in the bedroom for a day, with no mattress or sheets.

Check the environment, as solid wood can deform due to high fluctuations in temperature and humidity in the room. To ensure that the valuable wood does not dry out, the bed should not be placed too close to radiators or exposed to direct sunlight.

Solid wood beds should be moved extremely carefully because of their heavy weight. If you want to rearrange the furniture in the bedroom, avoid pushing the bed on the floor as you could scratch it.

As a natural product, solid wood also needs regular maintenance. It is advisable to oil the solid wood bed once or twice a year. To do this, you can use special wood care oil sprays that are available from specialist retailers and are usually made on the basis of linseed oil. The oil protects the wood from dirt, water and abrasion and refreshes the natural wood tone.

Furnish the bedroom naturally with solid wood, natural materials and plants