Sleep well with box spring beds – advantages and disadvantages as well as decision-making aids

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Anyone who is dealing with the acquisition of a new bed nowadays encounters the so-called more and more often Box spring beds. They should be particularly comfortable and offer maximum sleep quality. But what is it about these claims and what should be considered when buying? We have taken a close look at the advantages and disadvantages for you and explain which factors are important.

What are box spring beds?

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The origin of the box spring beds can be found in the hotel industry. They were also used on cruise ships long before they found their way into German households. The most prominent example: the Titanic. Even back then, the world-famous passenger ship offered cruise passengers top-class sleeping comfort. Box spring beds, which can also be called American or Continental beds, are characterized by their individual construction. The most obvious difference to conventional models is the fact that box spring beds do not have a slatted frame. Instead, they are made up of these three elements:

1. Box spring: Box spring beds owe their name to the frame, which is also called box spring and means “box with springs”. But the terms spring frame, spring core box or base mattress are also common. The integrated spring core usually consists of pocket or Bonell spring core. The difference between these two spring core types was determined by Stiftung Warentest in a test explained at The box spring is sprung, provides the necessary stability and is usually located in a sturdy wooden frame made of solid wood.

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2. Top mattress: The top mattress is located above the lower frame. It is usually made of barrel pocket spring core. The barrel springs are individually filled into pockets and arranged in large quantities. The high number ensures optimal point elasticity and anatomical adaptability. In the American version of the box spring bed, the top mattress is particularly thick (around 30 centimeters).


3. Topper: The third and last layer of a box spring bed is the topper, which is a few centimeters thick. It comes from the Scandinavian version and is usually completely missing in the American version. The mattress pad is used to regulate the climate and to perfect sleeping comfort. Depending on the brand, the topper mattress is made from virgin sheep’s wool, horsehair, cold foam, latex or visco foam. The top mattress placed underneath is protected by the air-permeable topper. It is permeable to air, moisture regulating and skin-friendly.

The 3-component structure is illustrated in the following video from the Austrian furniture chain XXXLutz:

The advantages of box spring beds


The most striking plus point of box spring beds is that Sleeping comfort. Thanks to the three perfectly coordinated elements, the ventilation of the bed is maximized and you benefit from a sleeping pad that can be optimally adapted to the shape of the body. The two mattresses guarantee twice as much high support force, as with conventional beds. The height of box spring beds also has a positive effect, because getting in and out is easier. In addition, the pressure on the spine and musculoskeletal system is efficiently balanced. The interplay of topper and mattress layers also improves the Breathability. The components used wear out less than normal beds consisting of slatted frames and individual mattresses. Box spring beds are therefore more durable, robust and durable.

The disadvantages


In order to get an objective impression of box spring beds, one must not ignore the disadvantages. For example, because of their construction, these beds are relatively bulky and heavy. With regard to sleeping comfort, you have to pay attention to a high quality. As with all furniture, there are massive differences. From inferior variants with poor moisture transport and unstable layer systems to luxury models, everything is represented on the market. In the case of cheaper versions, it can happen that the base vibrates unpleasantly. On the one hand, this can be due to a too low degree of hardness, on the other hand, it can also be due to inadequate mattresses.

Buying tips

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In order for a box spring bed to improve your sleep, it must meet high standards. When buying, you have to pay attention to a wide variety of factors. A central criterion is the choice of the right degree of hardness for your individual needs. “Box spring beds are available in degrees of hardness H1 to H4 – but not every degree of hardness is suitable for every weight”, it says online on a platform that analyzes a large number of box spring beds and faces. More on, the corresponding website, which, in addition to numerous decision-making aids, contains the following table with recommendations on the degree of firmness for box spring beds:


For a hygienic everyday life, the Toppers washable at 60 ° C be. This makes it easier for you to maintain the edition. If you are not afraid of any investments, a box spring bed could be included Motorization be an alternative. Here you can make various settings, such as the inclination of the head section for comfortable reading or watching TV.

Finally, we advise you to Try it out. You can buy the new box spring bed cheaper on the Internet than in local furniture stores, but before you buy it, it is essential to check on site whether this type of bed makes sense for you. If this is the case, it would be advisable to compare different brands, mattress systems and requirements. Once you have determined your favorite, you can compare between stationary retail and Internet providers in order to get hold of the most attractive offer.