Sleep better: With these tips you can increase your lying comfort

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As you make your bed, so you sleep. A relaxed sleep can regenerate the body, improve performance and reduce the stress of hectic everyday life. It depends on the mattress and the accessories: They can significantly increase the lying comfort or cause sleep disorders and back pain. We take a close look at the different options and give you tips on how to find the right one for your own sleeping habits.

Sleep better: this is how back pain can be eliminated

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Most people spend around a third of the day sitting. The sitting position means that angles are programmed into our body at certain points. The knee joints form a 90-degree angle when sitting, the back is bent sharply, and the shoulders hang forward. If you do not counteract this posture while sleeping at night, you also put strain on your back and neck.

The problem can be effectively eliminated with a medium-hard mattress and a soft topper. This allows your neck and back muscles to relax. The shoulders and upper arms are also relieved, while the legs and forearms are gently supported. In the best case, the mattress adapts to the curvature of the spine and ensures that its double S shape is retained. So if you want to sleep better, you should opt for high-quality mattresses and toppers. Cold foam and viscoelastic mattresses and toppers made of cold, gel or visco foam are particularly suitable.

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Of course, your favorite sleeping position also plays a decisive role in your own well-being. Sleeping on your back is considered particularly gentle. But the prone position can also effectively relieve the intervertebral discs and relax the back. Side sleepers, on the other hand, should try to get used to this sleeping position.

It is still very important for restful sleep to only spend the time in bed that you can really sleep through. In this way, among other things, neck stiffness can be avoided. The so-called stimulus control can have a particularly positive effect on the individual sleep-wake rhythm. Anyone looking for ways to improve sleep hygiene can find more Useful tips on sleep quality on Find.

Sleep better: Try lying down is not always the decisive factor for lying comfort

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Especially for people with back problems and people who spend a lot of time sitting, trying to lie down is not always decisive. Soft water beds, for example, often feel pleasantly cozy, but the first impression is deceptive. Because they do not offer the necessary support, but flatter the same angles that form when sitting. So even if the soft mattress feels comfortable at the moment, it can worsen neck stiffness in the long term. Conversely: A hard mattress in combination with a soft topper can be perceived as uncomfortable in the first few nights. This is because the body slowly gets used to it. The cause of the back pain – the wrong posture – can be successfully eliminated in the long term. So instead of trying it out, seek advice from the manufacturer and find the best that suits your needs.

Sleep better: choose mattress covers and bed linen

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The accessories and bed linen are particularly important for a good night’s sleep. Mattress covers can effectively protect the mattress from dirt, but to ensure optimal lying comfort, they should also be breathable. Mixed fabrics with a cotton content of at least 50% can regulate the moisture and are even suitable for allergy sufferers. High quality mattress toppers can also be cleaned in the washing machine at 60 degrees. Especially on hot summer nights, silk bed linen is an alternative to cotton bed linen. It is temperature and moisture balancing, easy to care for and retains its shape even after many washes.

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