Silk pillowcase: 10 important benefits of the silk pillow

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The bedroom is your own oasis of calm and relaxation. Not only the mattress and the right bed size ensure optimal comfort, but also the bed linen. Linen feels pleasantly soft, synthetic fabrics dry quickly and are inexpensive. But when it comes to bed linen and especially the pillow case, silk remains the ideal option. In the article you can find out which important advantages a silk pillow has to offer and why a pillowcase made of silk is even effective against hair breakage.

Silk pillowcase will keep your face clean

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In contrast to cotton, silk absorbs moisture and immediately releases it. As a result, you will sleep on a dry pillow, where mold and bacteria have no chance. Therefore, it is a good alternative for people with sensitive skin that is prone to redness. Another decisive advantage – compared to cotton and synthetic yarns, silk absorbs less moisture. This means that your night cream, serum, and everything else that you put on your face in the evening really stay on your skin and provide it with essential nutrients all night long. So nothing stands in the way of an even complexion without impurities. And so you can support your silk pillow with the task:

Go to sleep with clean hair only. Everything you used to style your hair during the day is smeared on the pillow in the evening. These products can be irritating to the skin. Therefore, carefully remove all products from your hair before you go to sleep.

A pillow case made of silk does not contain any harmful substances

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Silk is made from animal fiber – the cocoons of the silkworm. In contrast to fabrics of vegetable origin such as cotton, which are exposed to strong pesticides before being extracted, silk is spared from harmful chemicals. An important advantage for allergy sufferers and small children, who are often sensitive to chemicals.

A pillow made of silk is hypoallergenic

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Silk contains antibacterial agents that are also particularly effective against acare and mold. The humidity in the room should not exceed 70% so that their effect can develop optimally.

Silk pillows against hair breakage? The pillow case made of silk can counteract split ends

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A pillow case made of silk can prevent the hair from becoming tangled and in this way works against hair breakage and split ends. Women with curly hair or long hair in particular will appreciate the next benefit: no matter how intensely you move around in your sleep and turn around in bed, in the morning you wake up with straight hair.

Silk feels very pleasant and creates a pure luxury ambience

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Granted – everyone needs a touch of luxury in the bathroom and bedroom. Pamper yourself with a soft silk pillowcase. Its intense, bright color and slight sheen automatically attract attention and create a glamorous ambience.

Prevent wrinkles with a silk pillowcase?

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In the United States, silk pillowcases are very popular. The reason – with a silk pillow can supposedly prevent the wrinkles. The dermatologists are less convinced of the miracle effect of the substance. The wrinkles are formed during sleep when the sleeper presses his head on the pillow. People who prefer to sleep on their side or on their stomach are particularly at risk from this. Unfortunately, even a silk pillow can’t really do much. What you can do, however, is a facial massage right after you get up. Night creams that provide the skin with moisture can also counteract the formation of wrinkles.

Silk pillowcases are actually easy to care for

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Silk is a delicate fabric, but it is pretty easy to care for. Anyone who opts for silk bed linen should adhere to a few basic rules. The first thing to do is always wash pieces of the same color together. Then you should pay attention to the temperature – it must not exceed 30 degrees when hand washing, cold washing is recommended when washing in the washing machine. The washing machine is set to gentle cycle, and certain programs, such as those for curtains, are also suitable. Above all, it is important to avoid leaving the silk in the water for too long. Silk cannot be tumble dried. Special detergents for silk are sold – normal detergents can damage the fabric.

Silk provides refreshing coolness in summer

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People who sweat a lot always struggle with wet bed linen in summer. The silk fiber absorbs sweat and directs it away from the hair and skin. Therefore, the fabric is perceived as pleasantly cool and can regulate constant sweating. A major advantage for his followers.

Silk can be easily combined with other materials

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A pillowcase made of silk gives the room character in no time – but silk is not only suitable as a soloist in the bedroom and can be easily combined with other fabrics and textures. This creates charming ensembles that create a feel-good atmosphere. So if you opt for a pillowcase made of silk, you can do without the rest of the silk bed linen and combine it with other textiles instead.

A pillow case made of silk is guaranteed to last a long time

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With proper care, the silk fabric is very durable. It is therefore worth investing in a silk pillowcase, because the investment will pay off in the years to come.

Durable, easy to care for, can be combined with other textiles – the silk fabric is a real all-rounder. The hypoallergenic fabric keeps skin clean and hair – smooth at night. Even more so – its surface has an antibacterial effect and can prevent the formation of mold. Akare don’t stand a chance either. It is the perfect variant that guarantees a healthy and restful sleep.

Pillowcase made of silk bedding benefits skin

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