Room dividers for bedrooms – 31 ideas for demarcation

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The one-room apartment or the so-called studio presents us with a challenge when it comes to privacy in the bedroom. Or if you want to create a quiet work area in a corner of the bedroom. A Room dividers for bedrooms is a good and diverse solution for room division and there are many ideas for this. It’s uncomfortable when friends come over and your bed is visible from anywhere in the apartment. Put the bed in the corner mostly away from the entrance and use a shoji partition, screens, bookcases, hang curtains from ceiling to floor to hide the sleeping area. What other options are there to delimit sleeping and living areas? continue reading.

Sliding doors as room dividers for bedrooms

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Sliding doors as room dividers offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for spatial delimitation. Whether you want to separate the bedroom from the living room or the bedroom from the bathroom, sliding doors can easily be adapted to any floor plan and interior style. They are available in a range of designs to suit virtually all tastes and budgets.

Curtain as a room divider for bedrooms

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Curtains are an inexpensive way of dividing a large room into different areas. Measure the width and height of the room before you go shopping for the curtain. You can also choose a double-sided fabric so that each room has its own character. Match the color and pattern with the overall picture.

Decorative wooden wall as a headboard on the bed and room divider for bedrooms

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Bookcases are a very popular and practical way to divide a room in two. They can be stacked on top of each other or extended to prevent unwanted glances from the living room. This is also a great storage option especially if there is storage space on both sides. When the bookshelf faces the work area, you can store office supplies and electronic devices there.

Vintage look with room dividers for bedrooms made of fabric

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Room divider for bedrooms with open battens

ideas room dividers for bedrooms -wooden living area-one-room apartment

Sliding door as a room divider for bedrooms is a space-saving variant

ideas-room divider for bedroom-living area-wooden sliding door

Discreet room divider for bedrooms creates visual areas 

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Room divider shelf

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Bedroom and living area in gray

ideas-room-divider-bedroom-living room-frosted glass sliding-door

a multi-purpose wall unit

ideas-room divider-living wall-bedroom-workspace-desk

indirect lighting in the bedroom

room divider-wooden slats-bedroom-integrated-led-strips

rotatable shelving system as a room divider

Room divider-wood-bedroom-living room-demarcate-rotatable-wall

Storage space for both areas

room divider-shelf-wood-workspace-bedroom

Demarcation bedroom – work area

room divider-bedroom-workspace-wooden sliding-door

double-sided glass fireplace

room divider-bedroom-bathroom-fireplace-gas-double-sided


room divider-bedroom-shelf-vases-green-wall paint

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Room divider for bedroom-sliding curtain-white-flower motifs

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room divider-bedroom-living area-glass wall-curtains

room divider-bedroom-living room-one-room apartment-glass-sliding-door-curtains

room divider-bedroom-living room-sliding-door-frosted glass

room divider-bedroom-living room-high-bed-headboard-wood

room divider-bedroom-living room-fireplace-double-sided-tv

Room divider for bedroom-living room-shelf-ikea-colorful-books

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bedroom-living room-delimit-folding-door-shutter-optics

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