Modern box spring beds ensure a heavenly sleep feeling

Modern box spring beds - buying tips - advantages - disadvantages

Box spring beds originally come from the USA, but are already quite popular in Germany. What is so special about these new beds? Instead of a slatted frame, they come with a box spring base, followed by a spring core base mattress, a 30 cm thick top mattress and a topper. This multi-layered structure creates a cozy landscape and ensures a heavenly sleep feeling. Modern box spring beds not only mean comfort and durability, but also sophisticated design. Here you can find out what to look out for when buying and what advantages and disadvantages box spring beds have.

Advantages and disadvantages of box spring beds

box spring bed construction mattress spring core

We have already mentioned sleeping comfort as an advantage of the box spring beds, but what else is there? The adaptability of the mattress to the body (anatomically correct support for the spine), free body movements, ideal for people with a high body weight, the height (approx. 50-70 cm), easy entry and exit (especially important for the elderly), better air circulation. The disadvantages include the high price, the heavy weight, are not suitable for small rooms.

Trending box spring beds – what to consider when buying?


You have to invest a lot of money with these beds, so you should think carefully about the decision. Does the model fit your personal needs? Which spring core systems, brands and manufacturers are there on the market? Are models with adjustable design really functional? And don’t forget to test different options.

like from the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea”

Modern box spring beds -high-mattress-brown-upholstery

high quality materials and trendy colors

Modern box spring beds -high-mattress-trend-usa

gray box spring bed

Modern box spring beds -modern-bedroom-dark gray

with quilted headboard

Modern box spring beds, bedroom-quilted bed-head

light gray upholstery


with high headboard


noble in white


pleasant in cream


box spring beds-trend-modern-bedroom-white

box-spring-bed-high-mattress-leather-upholstery-dark gray



box spring bed-chocolate-brown-aluminum-feet-bed-head

box spring bed-black-heavenly-sleeping comfort



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box spring bed-adjustable-spine-support