Make the bedroom cozy – ideas for dreamy furnishings

Make the bedroom cozy brick wall double bed wall decoration

The kitchen is the heart of the house, young and old like to hang out in the living room, and in the bathroom the soul relaxes in the wellness ambience. Nevertheless, the bedroom is the most important room in the house – after all, we spend a third of our lives there. It goes without saying that the personal oasis of calm must be furnished with great care – we give you useful tips on how to make your own bedroom cozy.

Make the bedroom cozy – put the bed right in the room

Bedroom-cozy-design-Scandinavian-chic bedspread

In the bedroom, comfort comes first – if you want to relax in a cozy atmosphere, you can design the room according to the rules of Feng Shui. Simple furniture with a clear design language, preferably without edges and corners, make the room appear structured and create a harmonious overall picture. In the sleeping area, of course, the bed plays the main role – it should therefore not be placed too close to other furniture / wardrobe, chest of drawers /, as this is usually perceived as annoying. Ideally, the piece of furniture should also have a minimum distance of 1 meter from the window so that it is not directly exposed to sunlight during the day. The visual contact with the door has a calming and relaxing effect and enables the flow of chi energy.

The matching bed frames and mattresses ensure lying comfort


It is already clear where the bed will be placed in the sleeping area – now you have to the matching bed frame and mattress to be selected. The frame depends on the preferred bed shape. Depending on your personal needs, there are three variants to choose from – a queen-size bed with a one-piece mattress offers optimal sleeping space for singles, the classic double bed with two slatted frames and two mattresses promises the couples a restful sleep and a king-size bed with a one-piece mattress is for families well suited with children.

The mattress is also crucial for lying comfort and should therefore be selected carefully. Important criteria when buying are the adaptability to the body contours, the ability to absorb moisture and the lifespan.

The bedroom furniture – what needs to be considered?

Bedroom-cozy-make-it-queen-size bed

The next step in creating a cozy bedroom is choosing the rest of the furniture. The golden rule applies here: it is better to furnish it sparingly so that the room appears more spacious. In addition to the bed, a wardrobe, possibly two bedside tables or chests of drawers and a comfortable reading armchair with a small side table complete the living program. Desks, fitness equipment and TVs should not be in the bedroom. Instead, your favorite books or pictures can be displayed on a charming shelf.

The right lighting also creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere – ideally, the ceiling lamp is combined with bedside lamps and floor lamps next to the armchair.

Make the bedroom cozy – decoration creates a homely atmosphere


If you want to make your bedroom cozy, you should definitely not do without decoration – but it should be kept subtle. Fabrics with different textures set subtle accents in the room and invite you to relax in a comfortable bed DIY bed headboard gives the interior a personal touch and the matching curtains give the furnishings the finishing touches.