Luxury bed linen by Kylie Minogue – satin, sequins and elegant patterns

safia truffle satin polyester gray sequins bedding kylie minogue

Kylie Minogue wasn’t content to be just a world-renowned, multi-award-winning singer, fashion icon, and actress. That’s why Kylie introduced her own range of housewares five years ago. As you might have expected that Luxury bed linen from Kylie Minogue combines elegant design with fine fabrics for a sophisticated and luxurious finish. We have selected 33 ideas so that you can get an impression of how breathtaking their collection is.

Luxury bed linen with fine patterns

Stella Truffle noble pattern bed linen kylie minogue

“Kylie Minogue at Home” is the name of the bed linen collection from Home Couture for bedrooms. Her captivating style shapes every piece from the bedspread to the pillows. They reflect the glamor and sophistication that it brings to the stage. Opulent fabrics made of shimmering organza, silky taffeta and satin are complemented by exquisite details. The Kylie Minogue bedding collection consists of duvet covers, pillow cases, decorative pillows and duvets. All can also be ordered separately. A glamorous collection that showcases truly inspiring designs.

Luxury bed linen made of fine fabrics and embellished with sequins

satin bedding sequins kylie minogue leopard silver

Sparkling sequins, diamonds and embroidery lavishly embellish the fabrics. Every woman loves a little sparkle here and there. You will be enchanted by this luxurious bedding collection. Treat yourself to luxury and give yourself not only real sleeping comfort, but also an ultra modern look.

noble patterns and textiles

satin bed linen kylie minogue noble pattern Edessa Truffle

extravagant pattern in black and gray

astoria bed linen kylie minogue extravagant pattern gray black

glittering silver sequins

satin polyester bedding white paileten kylie minogue

Velvet, satin and crystals and a feeling of luxury

satin bedding kylie minogue brown crystals pillows

extravagant animal patterns

Sika wool satin sheets animal print kylie minogue

delicate lace motifs

satin polyester luxury bedding kylie home purple nuance lace motifs

fascinating colors

polyester satin theon luxury pattern black luxury bedding kylie minogue

subtle accents

polyester satin bed linen white kylie minogue felicity

Champagne and gold sequins

misha luxury bedding sequins champagne color kylie minogue

elegant decorations

luxury bedding kylie minogue satin silk ivory pillows

luxury bedding kylie minogue safia dark gray sequin pillows

luxury bedding kylie minogue polyester satin champagne

luxury bedding kylie minogue crystals embellishment satin

luxury bedding kylie minogue light gray vintage lace

luxury bedding kylie minogue gray satin sequin pillows

bed linen kylie minogue quilted duvet pillow white

bed linen kylie minogue ivory zylia cushions silver wings

luxury bedding kylie minogue ivory yarona

luxury bedding kylie minogue amethyst light dark

bedding gray satin sequins bedspread kylie minogue

leopard ivory sequined luxury bedding kylie minogue

labyrinth sequins bedspread noble pattern gray pillows

Ionia luxury bedding kylie minogue gray ruffle bedspread

gianna luxury bedding kylie minogue ruffles light gray

brava satin luxury bedding kylie minogue sequin bedspread

bed linen black noble pattern pillows bedspread kylie minogue

bed linen satin ivory crystals kylie minogue

bed linen kylie minogue collection ivory pillows

satin bed linen kylie minogue silver noble pattern pillows

luxury bedding kylie minogue satin polyester feathers dark blue