King size bed in bedroom – double bed for more comfort?

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If you flip through an interior magazine every now and then, this is it for you Term king size bed certainly known. But what is actually behind it, and what is the difference between a German double bed and an American queen-size bed? As the names suggest, the three differ in dimensions.

What actually is a king size bed?

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The double beds are divided into three categories depending on their dimensions:

The smallest double bed is the so-called queensize bed – with dimensions of 130cm – 145cm X 200 cm. This bed is suitable for small bedrooms and offers sleeping comfort for one person. Couples planning a vacation in the UK or USA can book a room with a queen-size bed. But two people shouldn’t sleep on the bed permanently – the sleeping position with a narrow bed could lead to back problems.

A French bed is a double bed with dimensions between 150-180cm. In Germany, the model is usually available with a width of around 160cm and is supplied with a slatted frame. This offers a decisive advantage – namely that a suitable mattress can be found. Couples lie comfortably on the double bed.

That King-size bed is the third variant – with a width of 180cm up to 200cm it offers more than enough lying area. However, as the owners of such a bed can often convince themselves, a larger lying area does not mean a high level of comfort. Two mattresses fit in the bed frame – this creates a gap in the middle of the bed. High-quality designer beds are offered with a mattress in the right size – they cost more, of course, but the investment is definitely worth it.

King size bed in the bedroom – the double bed ensures optimal comfort

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Modern bedroom with a large double bed and mattress – custom-made

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These beds are from the collection of Gomodern

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The double bed is divided into three categories depending on the width

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King size bed is between 180-200 cm wide

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French bed is between 140-160cm wide

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Queen-size bed is usually up to 140cm wide

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