Hanging beds – 34 great design ideas for a unique accent in the house


We are often fascinated by things that are not part of our everyday life. While some of us tend to spend a lot of time on the beach and surfing, others are obsessed with the sky and flying. Flying has always been one of our dreams. How about bow ties in your own bedroom? Hanging beds make it possible.

Hanging beds let you float in the air


Designer hanging beds add this great enchanting touch to every apartment, garden, terrace. They look stylish and chic, differ from the rest of design ideas and create impressive visual contrast. There are many variants – from hammocks for brave fighters to round-shaped beds that appear to be for a princess. The design for floating beds was most likely inspired by the beautiful hammocks, an indispensable part of any exotic vacation spot. Perhaps this also means that hanging beds create a feeling of luxury and relaxation, so typical of a vacation trip. Modern designers have done a lot more than just transforming traditional beds into floating versions. Designs vary between nest-like woven options and soft beds with plush covers. The last ones pamper the senses.

Hanging beds undoubtedly ensure our rest and relaxation


If you are having trouble falling asleep, a hanging bed will alleviate this discomfort – for sure! It has been scientifically proven that the subtle rocking motion leads to sleep much faster than silence. Many experts recommend taking advantage of this additional benefit. Hanging beds emerge as the “inner” accent when it comes to current interior trends, and are therefore often used by designers to create an inimitable atmosphere that is both modern and sophisticated. Since there are so many different shapes on the market, it shouldn’t be a problem at all to find one that best suits the ambience in your bedroom.

Hanging beds – construction totally suitable for small apartments 


Hanging beds in the outside area and lunge


Designer hanging beds give the furnishings a Nordic touch

nordic note bedroom blue blanket cushions books office table chair

hanging beds currently modern small pillows light tones

Elegant and inviting to relax

elegant hanging bed hanging lamp look baroque details

bright pink tones wall placed above the floor

Hanging bed in rustic style

bed floating chain rustic large create contrast

modern hanging beds perfect apartment indulge your senses

Various offerings of black over floor swimming tiles

great variant exotic full relaxation calm beige

Old boat becomes the perfect floating bed

old boat hanging bed converted living room plants fireplace

nest-like woven furniture beautiful house cozy inimitable

hanging beds currently floating in the air

simple, stylish hanging beds two flights of stairs, of course, pillows

bunk bed interesting pop art note design black blankets

Loft bed bed bedroom office hanging in the air

funny hanging bed idea for kids curtains flood light

Creative ideas ensure more fun and a high atmosphere in the children’s room 

children's room two beds wonderful atmosphere pictures

kids room bed design original unique furnishing

simply elegant children's rooms add colorful accents

hanging beds interior design look perfect sophisticated modern

wooden board hanging up two small children surrounding backyard house

Classic hanging bed with plush cover

classic hanging large bed plush terrace exotic atmosphere

The vacation spot and the exotic are not so far away

Hanging bed design idea excited shaped princess romantic

relax outside during the day with style panning white romantic

hanging beds swing movement quickly brings silence together sit lie relax outside

whimsical floating bed green fresh nature lush vegetation

Romantic escape from everyday life

romantic bed in the green relax away from stress

great blue waving air imitating sleep journey

beautiful bed hanging chain stylish bedroom original lighting

romantic idea for bed design rest basket bedspread decoration