Guide to box spring beds – a good night’s sleep starts with the selection

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Box spring beds have developed into a real trend product in recent years. They promise improved sleeping comfort, a good night’s sleep and a more relaxed wake up in the morning. In addition, the beds also impress with their appearance. They are significantly higher than a normal bed and consist of several layers that build on one another. Often, most customers have already come across box spring beds in hotels. This type of bed has been used here for some time, as box spring beds meet the sleeping needs of most people. However, if you want to set up a box spring bed in your own bedroom, you should study the matter intensively before buying.

Guide box spring beds – How a box spring bed is put together

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In order to be able to find the right bed, it is first important to know the basic characteristics of a box spring bed. A classic box spring bed consists of three elements that influence each other and ultimately ensure comfort. At the bottom of the box spring bed is the so-called “box”. On top of it lies a mattress, which in turn is covered by a topper. Of course, a box spring bed also has a frame and headboard all around it.

Box spring beds are particularly popular in the hotel industry

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The box below is usually a stable wooden construction with a suspension as the interior. The manufacturers have the choice of using either Bonell springs or barrel pocket springs. This suspension ensures that the lying surface of the bed can not only give way in the middle of the mattress, but also remains elastic and flexible at the edges. The mattress that rests on the box can hardly be distinguished from ordinary mattresses. Here, too, the choice remains between barrel pocket springs and Bonell springs, but mattresses with cold foam or visco foam can also be found on the market. If you are unsure about the type of mattress, you should try a mattress studio if possible.

The topper as the top layer of the box spring bed is not unimportant, although there are beds in America without this thin layer. With the right choice of topper, buyers can once again influence the comfort of lying in bed. Whether the topper is made of visco foam, cold foam or latex is again a matter of personal preference. Another advantage of the topper is that it protects the mattress of the box spring bed and thus increases its lifespan. Basically, people who like to lie a little harder can use a topper made of cold foam, whereas visco foam allows a softer lying feeling.

Guide box spring beds – real box spring bed or fake?

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Many bed manufacturers have long recognized the “box spring bed” trend and want to make as much profit as possible from it. This can be risky for the customer, because not every bed that looks like a box spring bed also corresponds to the characteristics of this bed type. So it often happens that there is no suspension in the aforementioned box. The supposed box spring bed can then not offer as flexible a lying surface as the customer actually wants. It is therefore always advisable to take a look at the features of the bed you want. Who would like to deal more intensively with the topic, finds a good selection of cheap box spring beds at Wohnorama, whose individual equipment features are listed in detail.

It is not always immediately obvious whether it is a real box spring bed


A much discussed question is whether Bonell or barrel pocket springs are more advantageous in the box spring bed. Basically, buyers should therefore also deal with the special features of both variants before deciding on a bed. While Bonell springs yield surface-elastic, barrel pocket springs ensure point-elastic flexibility of the lying surface, as reported by Morgenweb. Especially for people with a higher body weight, barrel pocket springs can definitely benefit, since the body does not sink too deeply here. For rather lightweight people whose scales do not show more than a maximum of ninety kilos, however, equipment with Bonell springs is also quite suitable.

Individual selection for more sleeping comfort


All people have the same need for restful and healthy sleep. However, that some people have problems with this, also shows a statistic. In Germany alone, almost 25 percent of people complain of insomnia and eleven percent do not feel sufficiently recovered after a night’s sleep. Even if the bedroom furnishings, the general lifestyle and external circumstances influence the quality of sleep, the bed is probably the most central point here. If you sleep poorly, you should first take a closer look at your sleeping area and replace it if necessary.

How restful your sleep is is also determined by the firmness of the mattress


If you have to choose a new box spring bed anyway, the degree of hardness is an important criterion for comfortable sleep. Basically, it is divided into five different levels, which are selected according to body weight.

• Degree of hardness 1: up to 60 kg

• Degree of hardness 2: 60 to 80 kg

• Degree of hardness 3: 80 to 110 kg

• Degree of hardness 4: 110 to 140 kg

• Degree of hardness 5: more than 140 kg

When choosing the mattress for the box spring bed, customers should therefore deal intensively with the right degree of firmness. It is he who influences the sinking of the body at night, which in the ideal case enables the shoulders, hips and spine to be as relaxed as possible. However, a mattress with the wrong degree of firmness causes the spine to kink, which can lead to tension, headaches and sleep disorders.

Box spring beds can visually enhance the bedroom

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Finally, the visual design of the box spring bed is an important point when choosing. After all, the bed should support the trend-conscious furnishing of the bedroom and not counteract it. It is therefore good that box spring beds are now available in a large selection of colors and materials. From leather surfaces to fabric to beds with high-gloss, metal or wood details, practically anything is possible. However, not only the visual appearance but also the ease of care of the materials should be decisive. A pure white bed is very much in vogue, but after a few months of use it can hardly be convincing. If you still want to fulfill your dream of a white box spring bed, you should be particularly careful and clean the surfaces regularly.

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