Furnishing guest rooms – space-saving and functional furnishing ideas

Guest room-furnishing-wall shelves-double bed-carpet

Whether the parents come to visit from time to time, or friends need accommodation, or maybe simply because unexpected guests suddenly appear on the doorstep – a guest room is needed in every house from time to time. But unfortunately not everyone has the free space for it. In this case, creativity is required – because the home office can be transformed into a cozy sleeping area in no time with the help of a wall bed. We’ll show you 25 functional ideas – this is how you can set up space-saving guest rooms.

Furnishing guest rooms – make good use of the small space

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A practically furnished guest room fulfills two functions – when friends and family members come to visit, it offers accommodation. When nobody is using the room, it becomes a home office, walk-in closet or simply a small living room. For this purpose, a wall bed with a desk can be mounted on the wall – this offers a space-saving solution. Another possibility is to buy children’s furniture – these can be designed as desired and also offer numerous storage space options. A sure guarantee that the guests will feel comfortable!

Furnishing guest rooms – room division in loft style

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And what if there is simply no room left in the house for a guest room? Then the living room can be divided into two. Paravents, partitions or simply curtains can help – depending on your budget and your own preferences. If the guest room should really only serve as a guest room, a double bed, wardrobe and bedside tables are sufficient as furniture.

The walk-in closet with window becomes a guest room when needed

Guest room-furnishing-wood and wardrobe-stairs-double bed

 Small apartment with clever storage space – options in the dining room

Guest room-furnishing-wood-built-in wardrobe-loft bed-storage space

Furnishing guest rooms – creating a cozy ambience with neutral nuances

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Guest room with bed and bedside table in a penthouse apartment

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With a wall bed, the home office can quickly become an additional bedroom

Set up guest room folding bed ideas house ground floor

Space-saving furnishing idea – wall shelves and foldaway bed

Guest room furnishing-folding bed-wall shelves-ideas

Stylishly furnished guest room in the basement

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Guest room with fold-away bed and wall shelves


Combine guest room and home office in one room

Guest room-furnishing-small-wardrobe-desk



Guest room-set up-sliding-door double bed

Guest room-furnishing-Murphy bed-wall shelves-gray-sofa

Guest room-furnishing-curtains-separating-Scandinavian-style

Guest rooms-set-up-white-wall shelves-space-saving

Guest rooms-furnishing-hanging lights-pictures-decoration-curtains

Guest room-furnishing-gray-double-bed-desk

Guest room furnishing Feng Shui style ideas

Guest room furnishing double bed ideas

Guest room furnishing double bed design ideas

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