Furnishing a shabby chic bedroom – tips and great ideas for inspiration

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The bedroom is a retreat where you not only sleep, but also relax after a hard day. Therefore, the atmosphere in the sleeping area should be relaxed so that you feel comfortable and at ease. If you want to give the room a feeling of security and create a romantic atmosphere, then the Shabby Chic style is perfect for furnishing. It is characterized by bright colors and vintage motifs and works for both large and small rooms. How to furnish a shabby chic bedroom and choose the best furniture and accessories for a romantic ambience, you can find out in our article. In the picture gallery you will also find beautiful furnishing ideas as inspiration for a dreamlike design of the bedroom.

Shabby chic style for decorating the bedroom

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What defines the popular shabby chic furnishing style are, above all, pretty flea market finds, elegant inheritance items and self-made furniture and accessories that together create a chic interior. The result is a skilful mixture of old, new and unusual, which gives the room a feeling of comfort and security. Another important role in interior design in this style is played by colors. The shabby style does not like dark or bright colors, but rather delicate pastel tones, as well as off-white and light gray. Patterns and floral motifs are ideal for this style and contribute to a romantic room design.

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Old or outdated pieces of furniture have a special, worn look that brings a vintage flair to the interior. A touch of vintage should definitely be present in the shabby chic bedroom, because it ensures more cosiness in the room. The furniture plays a particularly important role in this. These should ideally come from another era in order to be in harmony with the furnishing style. Opulent chandeliers and elegant table and floor lamps are perfect as lighting for the shabby bedroom.

The wall design in the shabby chic bedroom


The wall design plays a particularly important role in the sleeping area, because the walls determine the overall atmosphere in the room. You can choose between wall colors or pretty wallpapers in the shabby chic bedroom. These two wall design options are typical of this style and therefore we would like to take a closer look at them in the following.


Regardless of whether you paint or wallpaper the walls, you should choose a color that has a calming and relaxing effect in the room. Delicate wall colors and pastel tones are said to have a positive effect on sleep and are in line with shabby chic furnishings. Light, soft nuances of pink, purple, blue, green and beige go perfectly with this and create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom.

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If you find the monotone walls too monotonous and boring, then you can decorate them with pretty wallpaper. Floral patterns and elegant motifs on the walls look very appealing in the room and give it a romantic look. Elegant rose wallpapers, for example, are a wonderful wall design idea for the shabby bedroom and you can either wallpaper all walls or just one accent wall.

What furniture for the shabby chic bedroom?

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If you live in a house with a wooden beam ceiling in the bedroom, then the shabby chic style is perfect for the design of this room. This is due to the fact that natural materials are typical of this furnishing style and blend harmoniously into the interior. Therefore, furniture made of wood is also a popular idea for bedroom furnishings in shabby style. Here, however, the worn look plays an essential role. Traces of use and flaked layers of paint create a real vintage look and are fundamental for such a room design.


Wood with an outdated look should not be missing in any shabby chic bedroom, but it is not the only possible material for the furniture. Various pieces of furniture, but especially beds made of metal, are ideal for the Shabby style and present an equally beautiful furnishing idea for the bedroom.

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The Shabby Chic bed is therefore usually with a frame made of metal or wood and is in the middle of the room. Eye-catching headboards and canopies are very suitable for this and can be designed and decorated as desired. The bedding should also be in harmony with the furnishings. Light colors, floral patterns and lace are wonderfully suitable for this.


Other pieces of furniture that should not be missing in the shabby chic bedroom are a dressing table, a small bedside table and a wardrobe. Chests of drawers, wall shelves, loungers and other cupboards are also allowed if they do not make the room appear overcrowded. However, all furniture should come from seemingly similar epochs, so that a successful mix of styles is created in the room.


If you cannot find the right furniture for your shabby chic bedroom, or if you want to save some money, you can use a few techniques to make furniture with a shabby look yourself. With these techniques, various pieces of furniture can be easily remodeled. So you don’t have to wait decades to get the popular used look for bedroom furniture.


Objects that can be converted into different pieces of furniture are a wonderful idea for shabby chic furnishings in the bedroom. An old suitcase or a wooden stool, for example, can serve as an alternative to the bedside table. You should simply paint them white and decorate them appropriately as you wish.

Decoration for the bedroom in shabby style

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If you want to give your bedroom the popular, nostalgic charm, then furniture with a worn look is not enough. The decoration is considered to be the icing on the cake in the Shabby Chic furnishing style. Cozy bed linen, textiles with beautiful patterns and country-style decorative items are perfect for this.


The dressing table with mirror is an important element for the shabby chic bedroom and is considered an excellent place for decoration. Small vases with cut flowers, vintage jewelry boxes and elegant tea lights embellish the interior in a special way. They give the room a romantic flair and wonderfully round off the entire interior design.


If you have designed the shabby chic bedroom without wallpaper, then the monochrome walls are perfect for decoration. You can conjure up a special wall decoration with pictures of flowers and flower vases, as well as practical wall shelves in a used look. These can then be decorated with books and dried flowers or used as storage for jewelry.