Freestanding bathtub in the bedroom – no clear separation from the bathroom


It might sound weird to you – bathe in the bedroom or sleep in the bathroom, but one freestanding bathtub in the bedroom offers the perfect opportunity to relax in the warm water and immediately slip into bed. The bedroom and bathroom are the only rooms in the house that can offer you this calm atmosphere. If you plan to install the bathtub in the bedroom, you have to pay attention to some special features. You need to make sure the room is suitable for it. One of the positive aspects of this installation is the privacy it offers.

Bathtub in the bedroom – what size?

bathtub-bedroom-wood-bed-floor-sloping ceiling-glass-wall-white-carpet-deco-brick-black-built-in cabinet-high gloss

 The freestanding bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, but even a relatively small two-person tub could take up to two meters. Make sure the bathtub is big enough to provide the comfort you want without it taking over the entire bedroom.

Bathtub in the bedroom – closed in a glass box


The bathtub must be mounted on a stable, flat surface as it weighs around 200 kg empty and a lot more when full. That could be a problem if your bedroom is upstairs. You need to make sure that the floor can take the extra weight.

open space design

bathtub-bedroom-white-bed-curtains-tiles-high gloss

Other probabilities to consider is the possibility of water leaks, especially if your bedroom is carpeted. The higher humidity in the room and the mold also play an important role.



Bedroom in the attic

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minimalist interior

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open bathroom with bed and bathtub

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