Designing a purple bedroom – 28 ideas for interiors in lilac color

bedroom design purple wall wallpaper curtains

Invite spring and early summer into your home by doing the Designing a bedroom, but this time in a new, trendy lilac color. Purple is the perfect color theme if you want an elegant bedroom in soft colors. You can furnish the whole room in lilac or just add some elements in lilac color as accents. You can cleverly combine purple with other colors such as green, white or orange.

Painting walls and creating purple bedrooms

bedroom design modern-sloping-roof-lilac-wall-ceiling-dark-wood

Have the walls painted a delicate lilac color if you have a purple one Designing a bedroom want. Be careful that you hit the right shade that is not too dark. The dark colors could seem a bit overwhelming. For more glamor, you can also add patterns of other colors such as gold or silver.

Designing a purple bedroom – the bed

bedroom design lilac-wall paint-metal-bed-vintage-black

If you like lilac Designing a bedroom want, the bed is a very important element. A bed with elegant metal elements goes well with the delicate purple color. Vintage models or antique-style designs are particularly suitable. If you want your bedroom to look more modern, choose a simple bed design. Purple bed linen or blankets are also a pretty good addition to the other purple elements in the bedroom.

Designing a purple bedroom – furniture and decoration

bedroom design stripes-bed-purple-lilac-idea-salmon-throw pillows

If you are a purple Designing a bedroom you should coordinate all elements not only in terms of color, but also in terms of style. Choose furniture with an elegant and simple design that goes well with the delicate lilac color. You don’t necessarily have to choose the other decorative elements in purple. Set accents in green, white or other suitable colors. Flowers are always the right choice of decoration – preferably lilac.

Purple bedroom wallpaper

bedroom design wallpaper-lilac-idea-cream-bed-comfort

The color purple has different effects. Due to the diverse nuances that this modern color has, it can appear fresh and light as well as dominant. The color is considered mystical and royal at the same time and gives your bedroom an elegant and extravagant flair. The purple tones can also promote mental equilibrium and have a calming effect. The purple color consists of differently intense parts of blue and red, from which the wide range of colors is created. Among the fascinating color nuances in lavender, lilac and berry tones such as blueberry, lingonberry, blackberry and forest berry, you will surely find the nuance that suits your taste and goes with the rest of the interior.

Lilacs as a decoration in the bedroom

knitted ceiling bedroom furnishing in lilac color

The pastel-colored version of the purple is particularly suitable for the sleeping area. If you want to use this color over a large area, for example as a wall paint, the delicate pastel purple is very suitable. It creates an atmosphere that invites you to relax and feel good. The light purple makes bedrooms appear brighter without sufficient light. If you want to set up a purple bedroom, create a perfect, harmonious overall picture with light wooden furniture and soft purple.

Magnificently furnished bedroom

wall cladding gold elements bedroom design in lilac color

If you want to give the bedroom a romantic touch, you can combine delicate rose tones with warm berry tones. If, on the other hand, you want to create a summery, fresh flair, you can choose the bed linen in purple or use picture frames in this color. Upholstered furniture, such as an armchair, set great, colored accents in your retreat. You are also welcome to use textiles in purple. Opaque curtains, bedspreads or pillow cases give the bedroom a fresh, warm touch. Those who strive for comfort and warmth can work wonders with a purple carpet.

Purple bedroom with a simple design

purple wall decoration bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Use the various effects of purple by creating a great play of colors with combinations. Let your taste run wild and be willing to experiment. If you want to furnish an extravagant and chic bedroom, you can achieve that with the unusual color combination of purple and green. This combination has a calming effect and is used for relaxation. For a warm and cozy flair, you can combine the colors purple and yellow. In a purple room, yellow objects look very harmonious and create great contrasts.

Bedroom with vintage elements

vintage elements bedroom design in lilac color

The combination of purple with cream colors looks very romantic, soft and feminine. The cream colors soften the look of the purple color. If you have selected purple as the wall color, cream-colored curtains will delicately play around the walls. You can also create exciting contrasts by combining purple and black. You can create a great contrast by placing a black armchair against a wall in purple. The bedroom will soon appear in a new, modern light. You are welcome to combine the purple with more than one color. Make sure that only one color dominates, otherwise the room can quickly appear restless. The combination of purple, gray and white is elegant and appealing. The neutral white makes the purple color stand out better, while the modern gray gives the bedroom a classy touch.

Delicate nuances in the bedroom 

simple interior bedroom design in lilac color

Purple in its many nuances goes very well with bright colors such as red, orange and pink. An extravagant and unusual atmosphere can be achieved by combining purple with colors such as olive green. Bring a powerful mood into the room by combining the purple color with gray, some black and delicate pink. Undoubtedly a bold and unusual interplay of colors, which, however, requires sufficient light sources. Let your taste run wild and design a unique bedroom according to your own taste. As always, anything you like is allowed. A bedroom with an elegant and extravagant touch can be achieved in no time with lilac and violet as wall color, decoration, various accessories or individual pieces of furniture.

Elegantly furnished bedroom

retro design bedroom design in lilac color

Flower headboard

headboard floral pattern bedroom decor in lilac color

Purple plaid in the bedroom

Plaid pattern bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Stripe pattern as an accent

ottoman strip pattern bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Lilac bouquet bedroom decor in lilac color

Delicate wall decoration with flowers

upholstered headboard bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Bedroom with a sloping ceiling in purple

sloping ceilings bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Elegant bedroom with satin pillows

Cover frame bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Magnificent crystal chandelier in the bedroom

crystal chandelier bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Bedroom interior in renaissance style

Renaissance style bedroom design in lilac color

Colorful elements in the purple children’s bedroom

colorful decor elements to furnish the bedroom in lilac color

Decorative pillow in lilac color

pillow saten bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Purple bedroom designs

green accents bedroom furnishing in lilac color

Purple Bedroom Framing


light color nuances to furnish bedrooms in lilac color

fur carpet bedroom design in lilac color

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