Design ideas for bedrooms – look classy and keep them tone on tone

design ideas for bedrooms bright furnishing accent wall wood mirror white wall

The rest and relaxation play a big role in the bedroom furnishings. The whole atmosphere should be classy and romantic without any clutter or hectic. We can offer you some Design ideas for bedrooms, that have combined modern furniture and effects without making the overall picture seem excessive.

Design ideas for bedrooms – discreet and cozy

design ideas for bedroom comfort furniture bed wood tropical pitched roof

The bed. The bed is the most important element in a relaxed and romantic bedroom. It will determine the style and color scheme throughout the room. The red-brown color of this bed, for example, gives the room a tropical flair. Due to the rest of the design in light colors, it also comes into its own wonderfully.

Design ideas for bedrooms – recessed lights in the right place

design ideas for bedrooms marble accent indirect lighting leather headboard brown

The colors. Eggplant, mocha, dark cream and deep blue nuances create an intimate, relaxed atmosphere. You can also paint the walls in a neutral, warm color and then introduce contrasting accents such as fur rugs and pillows. Be careful, however, that the contrasts could be too strong for the eyes. Better to choose a shade and its different shades.

behind the bed and on the ceiling

design ideas for bedroom lighting wood accent shelf ceiling design

The lighting. The lighting, like the colors, influences the mood. In most cases, recessed lighting with a dimmer is a good idea. The light should be a little soft and subtle. Multiple light sources in different parts of the room can accentuate the decorations or a piece of designer furniture. A suspended ceiling with built-in lights could be a real eye catcher.

Neutral color choice in the bedroom

design ideas for bedrooms neutral colors parquet dark cream wall color

If you find the design ideas for bedrooms with a dark floor attractive, you should consider that you should compensate for them with light furnishings. On the one hand, you avoid an atmosphere that is too dark. On the other hand, you can emphasize both the floor and the furniture.

Gold and brown

bedroom modern relaxed gold brown sofa

Orange and brown 

orange brown bedroom large carpet floor cream

different light sources in the room

design ideas bedroom gray recessed lights upholstery taupe

mirrored dressers

ideas bedroom quilted bed headboard gray green purple wallpaper

Silver sheen

design ideas for bedrooms noble silver satin fireplace

Cream and white  design ideas bedroom beige upholstery wall relaxed

Lilac wall paint

bedroom black white lilac color wall feminine

warm contrasts

bedroom gray backdrop golden warm accents

bedroom relaxed white light blue branches silver

modern bedroom wall design shelves white black

modern bedroom brown cream upholstery wall chandelier

design ideas for bedroom satin silver mirrored dressers

modern bedroom suspended ceiling gray brown recessed led lights

design ideas for bedrooms dark gray glass fireplace recessed lights

ideas bedroom recessed wood panels wall light nuances

design ideas bedroom black white gold photo wall noble

ideas bedroom solid wood bed bathroom glass