Bumper designer bed by Marc Newson for high-quality sleeping experiences

Design bed-minimalist mattress-gray orange bedroom

Who does not know the feeling of having to sleep on a mattress directly on the floor. Even designer Marc Newson slept on a Maratze until 1997. So he came up with the idea of ​​developing a product that has the idyllic comfort of the trusty mattress and combines it with the perfect aesthetics of a bedroom bed. That’s how Newson created it Designer bed Bumper for the Domeau brand & Pérès.

Designer bed for purists

Modern bed mattress on the floor-leather covered round edge

Whoever should buy a bed is spoiled for choice. The right bed should be tailored to individual needs. Designed as a logical and natural extension of the usual form of the base mattress, this offers Designer bed by Marc Newson an incomparable sleeping and sleeping comfort. The colorful edge in the middle makes the bed look more dynamic. Its wooden substructure gives it stability. The mattress bed combines the robust material wood with a highly elastic polyurethane foam filling. All surfaces are covered with leather. The cover is sturdy and makes a contemporary look.

Contemporary design language

Design bed rounding with polyurethane foam filling Marc-Newson

Bumper bed is available in white, gray and chocolate brown and has dimensions of 130mm x 2530mm x 450mm. The shape can be compared to a boxing ring or a life raft. Bumper Bed is extremely suitable as a bed for the family and as a guest bed. When the mattress is not in use for sleeping, it serves as seating furniture and offers a comfortable place for children to play. That Designer bed with simple all-round bed sides can fulfill almost every wish. Perhaps the ideal bed for you?

Leather-covered wooden structure with rounded edges

Marc-Newson Design-Bed Bumper Mattress-Polyurethane Foam-Fabric Filling

The material makes the bed look discreetly luxurious

Bed-wood substructure-filling foam-leather cover upholstery

Bumper guarantees a good night’s sleep

Puristic bed-with leather cover-Bumper Bed simple

Bumber bed provides a nice contrast to the classic interior

Marc Newson Bumper Bed Bedroom Furnishing Trends Modern Furniture

Ideas for a modern relaxation area in the bedroom

Mattress bed leather cover-orange edge all round

Color variants of Marc Newson

Texture leather white bumper bed design

Leather cover gray bumper bed by Marc Newson

Leather texture cover-bumper bed-chocolate brown colors