Box spring bed guide: Your questions, answered and explained

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When it comes to beds, there is currently only one trend and that is box spring. Box spring beds have their origins in the USA, where they are often used as hotel beds. But the opulent sleeping quarters are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany and bring that luxury hotel feeling into your own bedroom. They not only score with their magnificent appearance, but also with their very special properties. What are the advantages of a box spring bed? Who are the box spring beds suitable for? These and other questions about the special bed system are answered in this article.

What are the advantages of a box spring bed??

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The box spring bed differs from conventional beds in its special three-part structure. There is no slatted frame, instead the mattress is fully supported by a spring core base, the so-called box spring. At the end there is a topper on top of the mattress.

Since box spring beds are higher than ordinary beds, they feel as if they are floating on clouds. Thanks to its construction, the lying surface is at a comfortable height of 55 – 70 cm, which makes it easy to get on and off the bed. An advantage from which older people and people with back problems in particular benefit.

Which factors should be considered when choosing box spring beds??


Hardness: The right degree of hardness is crucial for the best sleeping comfort and orthopedic positioning of the spine. This generally describes the suitability and firmness of a mattress for a certain body weight. The degrees of hardness are marked with the letter “H” and a number and are sorted in ascending order from H1 to H5. You can tell whether you have chosen the right degree of hardness by the fact that the spine is horizontal in the lateral position. A mattress that is too soft or too hard has a negative effect. To determine the correct degree of hardness, it is important to determine yours Body Mass Index (BMI) helpful. The result of the calculation is a value between 18 and 30+, which is to be understood as a guide value for the recommended degree of hardness. Make sure that the degree of hardness is not only based on the BMI, but also on the manufacturer, the sleeping position and your own body stature.

Sleeping position: Most people have a privileged position, which they mostly occupy during the night. It is therefore important that the mattress meets the individual requirements. For example, someone who likes to sleep on their side needs a softer surface for their hips and shoulders than those who sleep on their backs.

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Mattress type: A box spring bed consists roughly of an under mattress, an upper mattress and a top mattress. In order to achieve a certain degree of hardness or a desired feeling of lying down, the individual components are manufactured in different designs. In most cases, it is a Bonn spring core, a pocket spring core, a barrel pocket spring core or a cold foam mattress. These can all convince with different positive properties. Discover the differences between the different types of mattresses and secure the optimal sleeping comfort for your needs.

Anyone interested in a box spring bed will find a very large selection of models. But not all beds hold up what they represent. It is therefore worthwhile to compare several models and develop various evaluation criteria in order to find your personal test winner. There is more information, for example, in the Box spring bed test by Boxspring-Kiki. There you will not only find a positive or negative rating, but also information on who the box spring bed model is suitable for.

What accessories are there for box spring beds??

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The topper can simply be imagined as a second thin mattress that rests on the actual mattress. Not all manufacturers offer their beds with a mattress and topper, which is why many customers ask themselves the question: Do you really need a topper? Of course, you can also sleep without a topper. But there is a lot to be said for choosing a box spring bed with a topper. Although it can also improve lying comfort, it also makes a lot in terms of hygiene and climate properties.

The advantage of two single mattresses in a double box spring bed is obvious: everyone can choose their own individual mattress with the right degree of firmness. However, it can happen that the mattresses slide apart a little. The annoying straightening of the mattress in the morning can of course be very annoying in the long run. This can be remedied by anti-slip mats and / or a continuous topper, which turns the bed into a large sunbathing area without annoying cracks for visitors.

How high should the bedside table for a boxing ring bed be?


The right dessert is definitely part of a good box spring bed. The height of the bedside table should of course also be adapted to the bed height: a height between 57 and 65 centimeters would be optimal. Bed benches offer an equally stylish addition and practical storage space for the bedside tables. By the way, there are also cots for babies that are extra high and can be easily adapted to the parents’ box spring bed.

Which box spring bed for small rooms and sloping ceilings?

Due to their structure, box spring beds are relatively bulky and optically take up a lot of space. Therefore, they are actually not suitable for small bedrooms. But a box spring bed without a headboard offers practical advantages and can also be used in small rooms. Those who deliberately do without the upholstered headboard save on height and length. The bed can be placed so ideally that you don’t waste any space.

For whom is a box spring bed suitable??


Box spring beds are basically suitable for everyone. However, numerous different factors play a role in the selection: body weight, sheep habits, age, allergies, personal preferences, etc. The only thing that is decisive is to inform yourself in advance and to find the perfect bed for your needs. Because the most expensive bed is not always the most suitable.

We have briefly summarized some recommendations in the following table. We wish you restful nights in a box spring bed!

Substructure mattress topper
for light people Choose a substructure with a Bonell suspension: Bonell spring cores are suitable for people up to around 80 kg Mattress with barrel pocket springs (250 springs per square meter) freely selectable
up to 100 kg Box spring with a barrel pocket spring core Mattress with barrel pocket springs

– 260 springs per square meter

– Cold foam cover ensures a firmer base

Cold foam topper
for overweight people – stable frame and feet made of solid wood

– Barrel pocket spring core

– A mattress with 500 springs per square meter offers good support

– The mattress is ideally covered with cold foam

– Toppers made of cold foam or visco reinforce the base

– "High resilience" Topper

for back and stomach sleepers Box spring with a barrel pocket spring core – Back and stomach sleepers should ensure that they tend to lie more firmly in all areas

– high-quality core made of cold foam, molded foam or latex

– Pocket or barrel pocket spring core

– H2

Cold foam topper
for side sleepers Box spring with a barrel pocket spring core – Mattress with barrel pocket spring core, natural latex mattresses

– Pay attention to appropriate mattress divisions

– The shoulder and pelvic area must be made softer

– H1

soft lying feeling

– Latex topper

– Visco foam

for heavy sweats Box spring with a barrel pocket spring core Innerspring mattress

– Comfort foam, cold foam, latex, gel

– Topper made of climatic latex

– Cold foam topper – foam should ideally be open-pored and therefore breathable

– Topper cover with all-round climate tape

for allergy sufferers The innerspring substructure always ensures good ventilation

– Cover made of artificial leather or wooden elements instead of upholstery

Ideally a mattress made of a breathable material: cold foam mattress, natural latex mattress, spring mattress Use encasings – mite-repellent covers for mattresses and toppers

– Topper with latex

for children 7 – 11 years: 90 x 200 cm

12 – 15 years: 140 x 200 cm

from 15 years: 140 x 210 to 220 cm

Since children move around a lot while sleeping, there must be the same level of stability over the entire lying surface. freely selectable
for singles 90 x 200 cm

100 x 200 cm

120 x 200 cm

140 x 200 cm

adapted to personal needs freely selectable
for 2 people – 140 x 200 cm perfect for those who have just fallen in love

– The size 160 x 200 cm is popular with

Matrimonial beds

– 180 x 200 cm ideal as a double bed

Different degrees of hardness of the individual mattresses required in the double bed a great all-over topper to recommend

for seniors Box spring bed with motor – soft

– Mattress with drum pocket springs

– depending on the weight – between 250 and 500 springs per square meter

Cold foam topper