Box spring bed but which one? Adapt the model to your needs

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A good bed is essential for a high level of sleeping comfort. And anyone looking for a new bed at the moment will be amazed by the design and exciting features of the latest models. The box spring bed, for example, has long been popular abroad and has also grown in popularity in Germany in recent years. The American bed looks completely different and offers many advantages over equivalent, normal beds.

A Box spring bed consists of three components: a box spring substructure, a spring mattress and a mattress topper. This very special structure promises an extraordinary sleeping experience and ensures that you can act individually on all three elements. In other words, you can create the perfect bed that fits your needs exactly. When choosing, factors such as body weight, height, preferred lying position and possible back problems play an important role. However, your personal life situation should also be taken into account here. Because the box spring bed that best suits a family with small children is not necessarily the right one for a single woman who values ​​a beautiful look. Read which bed models are recommended for 5 different target groups and choose the target group that you correspond to.

Which box spring bed for whom?

Adapt the box spring bed to your needs and life situation

Box spring bed for singles, children and young people

Box spring beds with dimensions of 90 × 200 or 100 x 200 cm fit perfectly in single bedrooms as well as in children’s and teenagers’ rooms. Without a headboard, the box spring bed is ideal for small rooms and rooms with sloping ceilings. This also gives creative minds the opportunity to implement their ideas and design the wall behind the bed in a particularly artistic way.

which bed is recommended for parents with small children size

Box spring bed for parents with small children

For this target group, the bed is usually the most important piece of furniture in the house. The bed has to withstand jumping and crying. At the same time, it should be comfortable and wide enough so that there is still room for the child. Children love crawling into their parents’ bed at 4 a.m. Toddlers also need a good night’s sleep when they have the opportunity to sleep. For these reasons, a practical and comfortable box spring bed measuring 200 x 210 cm is a good choice.

Box spring bed for people who take care of their health

If you have back problems or pay special attention to health and good sleep, a box spring bed with a motor is recommended. With this type of bed you have the opportunity to find your optimal sleeping position. Electrically adjustable beds are also ideal for pregnant women, senior citizens and those who sleep on their backs with snoring problems.

which box spring bed with motor back pain read in bed

Box spring bed for people who see the bed as a base camp

The more you use the bed and the bedroom, the more important it is to have a model that covers many needs – both at night and during the day. In the meantime, the bed has become the perfect place to relax with a good book or a tablet. And it’s not uncommon for more and more people to work in bed. The bed often has several functions, especially in small apartments, narrow spaces and hotel rooms. It is also practical if the bed has a bed box. So you have a lot of additional storage space for bed linen or additional blankets and pillows.

Box spring bed luxury headboard bedside tables lights

Box spring bed for older couples / high price range

Older couples with grown-up children usually buy beds in the high price segment. For this target group, sleep experts recommend a comfortable box spring bed, for example 180 x 200 cm with integrated lamps, bedside tables or why not with an integrated TV. The same recommendation also applies to customers who are not so interested in the price, but are looking for an elegant bed in the best quality and design.

Choosing the right box spring bed: short checklist

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Before you decide on a box spring bed, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How big should your box spring bed be? The size depends on several factors that you need to consider. Should it be a single bed – in widths of 80/90/100/120 cm? Or would you like a more spacious queen-size bed in the sizes 140/160 x 200/210 cm? A large double bed with a lying area of ​​180/200 cm x 200/210 cm offers enough space for two adults.
  • Will more than one person sleep in the box spring bed? For two people in one bed, you should plan at least 80 cm width per person. Think about what requirements everyone has on the mattress. If you don’t have the same needs, it is best to invest in two single mattresses.
  • How big is your bedroom How big is your house? Would the selected model fit well there?
  • How tall are you? The general rule for the bed length is that it should be at least 15 cm longer than the user of the bed.
  • How do you sleep? Another important criterion is the sleeping position. Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper or do you feel comfortable in several of these positions? A stomach sleeper, for example, needs better support from a harder, pressure-reducing mattress.
  • What style should the box spring bed have?? How do you imagine the cover, material and color?

As soon as you have determined your criteria for your dream bed, the basis is in place to find the perfect box spring bed model for your needs!

Box spring bed 200 x 200 cm with headboard and topper dark gray