Bedroom in dusty pink: ideas for color combinations as wall paint & Co.

Colors always play a particularly important role in interior design. They set the tone in the room and influence our mood and feelings. You should definitely consider this when painting and choosing furniture and home accessories. Soft colors and cozy textiles, for example, transform the bedroom into the perfect place to recharge your batteries, relax and sleep. Since the color pink is usually associated with romance and positive, it is no wonder that many want to paint their bedroom in pink. The wall color old rose is particularly popular.

bedroom-dusky pink-wall-paint-white-furniture

The color nuances of pink are extremely diverse and can have very different effects. But if you don’t want it to be too girlish and flashy, then dusty pink would be a nice variant. If you want to design your bedroom in dusty pink, then you have found it here. In the following you will find out what the wall color old pink looks like and which colors go best with it, so that the soft hue can best unfold its effect.

What does the color dusky pink look like?

Dusty pink is a warm pastel color with a slight shade of gray mixed in. Gray is usually made by mixing white and black. The more black is used, the darker the gray will be. The stronger the gray component in the pink, the cooler the color appears. This is how the light and dark nuances of old rose are created. In the RAL colors, old rose is under number RAL 3014 and belongs to the red group (RAL 3000 – 3033).

Dusty pink wall paint more popular than ever

bedroom-dusky pink-warm-cream-furniture

Timeless and noble, eye-catching but not gaudy, relaxing yet exciting. Dusty pink looks very pleasant and feminine without being too childish. It has a noble charm and can therefore not only be used in children’s and teenagers’ rooms. Dusty pink looks more adult than pink, but still evokes romantic feelings.

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Dusty pink is a slightly smoky pastel shade that can bring a cozy atmosphere into the bedroom. The color exudes a certain warmth and can be easily combined with different living styles. Even if dusky pink is often associated with a special vintage flair, it also goes well with modern living styles.


Old pink is particularly popular as a wall color. Depending on the effect you want to achieve in the room and whether the shade is light or dark, you can paint all of the walls or just one of them in old pink. You should always use dark wall colors with care, otherwise the room can appear dreary.

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As a color accent, the rich old pink has a very elegant touch. There are now finely patterned wallpapers on the market that combine old rose with other shades and emphasize its effect with beautiful motifs. That way, the monochrome wall wouldn’t look too monotonous.

What colors does old pink harmonize with?


In principle, old pink can be beautifully combined with many colors. Especially in connection with white, gray and brown, great color combinations are created. These are again subdued nuances and not bright colors. The old pink tones are particularly delicate and reserved.

Dusty pink and white

bedroom-dusky pink-design-upholstered bed-carpet-curtains

White is a symbol of purity, clarity and can also convey cleanliness. Dusty pink and white are a beautiful dream couple that looks timeless and calm. In addition, white makes rooms appear larger and brighter. Yellowish white also works well for this combination.

Dusty pink wall paint in children's room, wooden floor, cot canopy

Dusty pink and brown

bedroom-dusky pink-cream-beige-brown

Old pink and brown have something in common: the red undertone, which makes both appear particularly warm. So that the combination does not look too dreary, a lighter color should be planned for the color scheme. Light brown tones such as cream, beige, cappuccino or taupe look great next to old pink.

Dusty pink and gray

bedroom-dusky pink-gray combination

Pink and gray is a classic and stylish color combination that is fresh and yet not too intrusive. The colors harmonize perfectly with each other and even emphasize each other even more. Gray stands for simplicity and neutrality, while old pink provides contrast and flair.

Bedroom gray pink wall color light gray curtains and bed linen in pink

Dusty pink and pastel yellow


Pink and yellow is a cheerful color combination that creates a light-hearted and sunny mood. This creates an uncomplicated look that could also be particularly inviting in the bedroom.

Dusty pink and berry tones

dusky pink-color-palette-harmonize-berry-tones

Berries often have strong colors, but sometimes berry tones such as burgundy red, blackberry and blueberry are more muted. The color plum embodies mysterious extravagance and could be used as a contrasting color to a light old pink shade.


Geometric patterns are currently very much in vogue and always look very impressive on the wall. Skilfully dosed, these are always a good wall design idea that you can easily implement in your own four walls. With the help of stencils and the right colors, you can easily create beautiful patterns.

The color mauve 


Pink breaks down into so many shades that it quickly becomes confusing. For example, dusty pink is often confused with the color mauve. But this is a pale purple with a slight blue tinge. The name comes from the flower mallow, which also has purple flowers.

Dusky pink mauve wall paint in bedroom cupboards above bed modern pendant lamp


The trend color powder pink – lighter than old pink

bedroom-dusky pink-wall-panels-light-wood-cream-combinations

This particular shade is somewhere between beige and rosé, but also has a touch of apricot added to it. It’s a great nude tone that looks wonderfully delicate. Powder pink as a wall color can be wonderfully combined with cream and light wood.

bedroom-dusky pink-powder pink-cream

So if you are looking for a classy and timeless color for your bedroom, you have come to the right place with old pink. The color is not only associated with femininity, but also with positive things and a good mood. You can get started right away with a few home accessories or bed linen in dusty pink. You can also combine curtains and pillows. If you’re a little braver and want to make your girl’s dream come true, give your bedroom a dusky pink coat of paint!