Bedroom design ideas – 20 modern inspirations

Bedroom design ideas pictures modern stylish

Whether you have a large or small bedroom, it is important that you find a design that suits your tastes and has everything you need. Because the bedroom is not, as many believe, only there for sleeping. Nowadays people like to spend a little more time in the bedroom before going to sleep, be it chatting with their partner, reading a book or even watching TV. For this reason, we would like to introduce you to 20 great and inspiring articles in today’s article Bedroom design ideas imagine that you will fall in love with. They are so impressive that the owners can hardly wait to slip under the covers at the end of the day and enjoy the perfect ambience. But take a look and see for yourself:

1. Simple bedroom design ideas

Bedroom design ideas white oak wood bed frame

White was chosen as the main color for this bedroom and the effect achieved is simply breathtaking. This makes the room appear brighter, friendlier and therefore more spacious. This even means that the built-in closet is barely noticeable, even though it takes up an entire wall. The modern, low bed stands on a pedestal and thus forms the focal point of the bedroom.

2. Elegant bedroom design ideas

Bedroom classic design stripes bedspread wooden furniture

The upholstered headboard gives the bed a classy look. In addition, the chandelier and the matching bedside lamps give the room elegance. The warm ambience, on the other hand, is thanks to the natural colors that were chosen for the wall and carpet.

3. Bedroom design ideas with partition

Bedroom modern bed headboard shaggy carpet blue

Why settle for a headboard when you can extend it with a wall? This gives this modern bedroom a wonderful accent and enables the bed to be placed in the middle of the room. The blue colors in combination with the wooden floor have a calming effect and ensure a restful sleep.

4. Bedroom design ideas – a headboard with a difference

Bedroom ideas modern wall covering fabric covering

Isn’t that a wall? Yes, exactly! And this was padded all around in order to obtain an extremely original headboard and to ensure maximum comfort. This makes the bed look even more inviting. The gray colors used for the bed, headboard and walls give the bedroom a wonderful atmosphere.

5. Wood accents as bedroom design ideas

Bedroom wall design bicycles wood bed headboard

A wall doesn’t always have to be a wall. Instead of wallpaper or paint, you can also cover the wall with wood. Despite the tiled floor, this bedroom has a warm atmosphere that can only be radiated by wood. Another interesting bedroom idea is that the bathroom next door is only separated from the bedroom with a glass wall.

6. Loft bedroom design ideas

Bedroom design loft style interior ideas

There is absolutely no sign of this bedroom that it is in a loft apartment. Despite the simple design in white, the area has a cozy atmosphere. It has an artistic aura, don’t you think? The large balcony door also lets a lot of light flow into the room.

7. Bedroom design ideas for lighting

Bedroom wooden floor wall panels oak lighting LED

As in any other room, the lighting is of course very important. In addition to the ceiling lamp, which provides a lot of light, wall lamps are also a great idea. Ideally, it should also be possible to insulate these, as is the case in this example. The stylish and modern lights, which form an effective frame, give the bedroom a romantic atmosphere.

8. Bedroom design ideas with color

Small set up bedroom green wall

This simple and modern bedroom is given more pep with a few color accents. This is ensured not only by colorful pillows in pastel colors, but also by a green wall and a round rug. The result is a small but very cozy bedroom that will make getting up in the morning a lot more difficult.

9. Sunny bedroom design ideas

This bedroom is made entirely of trendy colors and is a really friendly and modern space. In order to intensify the pleasant light in this small bedroom, a yellow wall color was chosen, which goes perfectly with the brown furniture and the gray accessories.

10. Functional bedroom design ideas

Bedroom wood furniture oak wallpaper strips

If your bedroom is small, of course you have to be practical and use every free space. In this bedroom, that was just perfectly implemented. Each free wall has its own function, so that there is space for a sitting and reading area by the window, a desk and sideboard and the space under the bed is also used and serves as additional storage space. Thanks to the bright colors, the bedroom appears spacious despite the narrow situation.

11. Bedroom Design Ideas – Office and Bedroom

Bedroom ideas wooden floor round carpet

You don’t necessarily have to have an extra room for the office. The bedroom is also an excellent compromise as it is usually quiet. If the room is large, set up an entire desk. If the space is rather limited, a desk is also suitable, which you can also choose so that it can be folded up or down when it is not in use. This way you also get a great reading corner.

12. Bedroom design ideas with 2-in-1 bed

Bedroom design ideas foldable wall bed wood

You don’t have a bedroom in your apartment? Then use a fold-down bed, as is done in this wonderful example. The bed can be folded up during the day and used as a sofa so that you can make full use of the little space. And as you can see, such systems are no longer unaesthetic. The built-in cupboard and shelf also have an impressive design.

13. Artistic bedroom design ideas

Bedroom design industrial living style living ideas

If you like to read before you go to sleep, then you can consider such bookshelves. Turn your bedroom into your personal library where you can devour any book while lying down.

14. Natural shades as bedroom design ideas

Bedroom armchair fabric carpet set up ideas

It is well known that natural colors create a calming atmosphere. And this example is once again proof of that. The built-in shelf with lots of books and the flower vases also create an additional, pleasant atmosphere. Admit it, you would definitely love to jump in that bed.

15. Bedroom design ideas – make practical use of window areas

Bedroom carpet skylight parquet

If you have a low window in your bedroom, you can use this to create a reading area. Or you can simply use the bench to daydream a little or to watch the snow in winter from the warm. In the bedroom in the photo, the niche that is created between the two walls and under the window has been put to practical use. A built-in cupboard also ensures that space is saved and more freedom of movement is guaranteed. The plain white walls are loosened up with a parquet floor.

16. Sliding doors as bedroom design ideas for small bedrooms

Bedroom wall decoration industrial living style attic

Even if this bedroom isn’t exactly small, sliding doors are a great way to save space. Since such a door has no surcharge, you get more free space and furniture can be set up almost unlimitedly. And apart from its practical side, the door looks just wonderful, don’t you think? The modern and at the same time rustic look fits perfectly with the rest of the modern furnishings.

17. Skylights as bedroom design ideas

Bedroom modern wall design anthracite carpet geometric pattern

What’s the benefit of skylights aside from being able to use the wall underneath and making them look great? Yes, of course, you can watch the stars and count the falling stars before you go to sleep. Just romantic, right? A lot of light can also enter the room, so darker colors are allowed for the walls. This was also taken into account in the example. The modern wall color gives the room a cozy ambience.

18. Fresh colors as bedroom design ideas

Bedroom modern large carpet colorful laminate floor

You can freshen up a simple room in white and gray with colors, as you already know from the eighth example. But what do you think of using bright colors instead of pastel colors? You are not sure? Well then, take a look what a vibrant look they create in this example. The bedroom becomes a little livelier without being too intrusive.

19. Monotonous bedroom design ideas

Bedroom wood plank floor white wall panels wall decoration picture

Monotonous doesn’t have to be boring, as this example undoubtedly shows. The light gray, which occurs both on the wall and in the form of the bed linen, is given a warm accent by the wooden floor in brown, but also by the ornate, romantic pattern of the gray bedspread. The result is an elegant bedroom that doesn’t look too cold.

20. Bedroom design ideas in white

Bedroom ideas suspended ceiling LED lighting

White and high gloss is the trend in general. So why not choose it for the bedroom too. If you don’t want to risk a too simple design, you can provide warm accents with brown colors. In this case this is achieved with a wooden floor, a brown carpet and brown throw pillows. And although the room is full of furniture, it doesn’t seem overcrowded thanks to the predominantly white color.