Bedroom design – 45 ideas for complete furnishing

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While most people can look forward to a medium to spacious living area, few are lucky enough to have a large bedroom. Instead of having a calming and relaxing effect, the supposed oasis of calm often looks overcrowded. There is one simple trick that can be used to avoid this – a complete one Bedroom design with furniture that fits together, order is guaranteed. We’ll show you 45 ideas for stylish and practical furnishings.

Bedroom design – the neutral color palette


Under a complete Bedroom design the combination between bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe is understood. It is worthwhile to select all furniture from a collection – this will make the interior look uniform and stylish. You should not only pay attention to the furnishing style / modern, minimalist, vintage, eclectic /, but also to the color scheme.


The white furniture makes the room look bright and spacious. However, since the white color can appear too cold under certain circumstances, most beds and bedside tables are provided with details made of natural wood. This loosens the strict look. Also attractive – a bedroom with beige walls and gray furniture. The nuance can vary – anthracite tones look ultra-modern, while light gray goes perfectly with classic furnishings. The combination of materials adds extra pizzazz – the traditional bed construction has recently been changed – most modern beds have a wooden frame and an oversized leather headboard. The decoration should be used sparingly – a photo wall or a painting over the bed and two original table lamps can give the interior a cozy look. And even if there is not much free space left for home accessories, a stylish duvet can always make the room look more homely.


The only place in your own four walls is without a doubt the bedroom. For this reason, it is all the more important that you transform this retreat into a cozy dreamland, where you feel good, like to fall asleep and wake up. The heart of our bedroom is the bed. The bed has to be well chosen so that you can recharge your batteries for the day ahead at night. Which style you choose your bed is of course up to you. It is important that you like the mattress as well as the appearance of the bed. Would you like a soft upholstered bed, a four-poster bed that impresses with beautiful, clear lines or perhaps a loft bed? There you should find the necessary rest and a restful sleep.


It’s hard to imagine a bed without sheets and pillows. In bedroom design, textiles are those elements in furnishings that one cannot and cannot do without. They give the room the cosiness and warmth you long for. The bed linen ensures comfort and should be made of a comfortable and soft fabric, which of course varies depending on the season. You can often give your bedroom a new and fresh look. With the right choice of colors and fabric samples, you can redesign your dreamland as often as you want in next to no time. The soft pillows, of which you can’t really get enough, not only serve as a base for sleeping, but are part of the bedroom design. With an infinite selection of colors, patterns and textures, you ensure variety and a good touch of comfort in your sleeping area.

Modern bedroom design – furniture with clear lines

minimalist bedroom design ideas

Opaque curtains also contribute to an undisturbed and deep sleep. Light, permeable curtains, on the other hand, emphasize the relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom. Whether made of a delicate or opaque fabric, they shape the entire room and are an important design element. Both the curtains and the drapes give the room a unique charm and protect against strong sunlight and unwanted looks. Select curtains or drapes that match the rest of the interior in terms of color and emphasize the desired ambience.

white complete bed bedside tables dresser mirror

The textiles that create a harmonious image in your sleeping area include carpets. Carpets in different sizes and colors, made of different materials, which are decorated with different patterns, are not only a warm and soft floor covering, but also a great and diverse decorative element in the bedroom. The pleasantly soft carpet influences the overall effect of the room and ensures comfort and cosiness. If you want the bedroom to appear larger, you can achieve this with geometric figures on the carpet that run out towards the outside. Depending on the placement of the carpet, you can, for example, highlight individual pieces of furniture from the rest of the furnishings and define separate areas in a large bedroom. Calming, neutral colors, blue or gray are very suitable for the bedroom. Pamper yourself as soon as you get up by feeling the soft wool under your feet when you get out of bed. Sheepskin and long pile carpets are good choices.

Stylish and elegant – bedroom set in white, metal details spice up the design

Bedroom design ideas Shaggy carpet stylish elegant

The beautiful bedside tables are a loyal and useful companion to every bed. These come in many styles, variants, and shapes. When choosing a bedside table, the height of this piece of furniture is of great importance. It has to be adapted to that of the bed so that the bedside table is easy to reach. Whether you want a smaller or larger bedside table, with spacious drawers or with small storage areas, the small and mostly inconspicuous piece of furniture can set great colored accents in the room. The practical helper keeps the alarm clock, book or morning cup of coffee within easy reach and can look very stylish and modern. If you have personal favorite pieces or accessories that you want to showcase, the bedside table offers the decorative stage.

Modern and at the same time homely – wood details and shaggy carpet for more cosiness

Bedroom set up bed headboard white

Even if the furniture is white, the gray wall and bedspread can add accents

set up leather headboard sloping ceiling

Make the bedroom sensible – the chest of drawers under the sloping ceiling, the bed in the middle of the room

Bedroom design bed headboard white beige

Modern and practical – the bedroom with complete furnishings from one manufacturer looks tidy

set up shaggy carpet design wall panels

Wood end table bed headboard Shaggy rug

completely wood bed headboard bedside table white

Leather bed headboard dresser nightstand

purple modern wall paint design ideas

Bedroom modern completely Italian manufacturer

neutral colors dark blue wall ideas

warm purple nuance bedspread white furniture

Leather bed headboard design two side tables

classic pattern bedspread chocolate color bed headboard

Bedroom set up purple wall color design ideas

Furnishing bedroom design Buddha image

Bedroom bed white gray color accents

set up beige furniture dresser mirror bed

Bedroom design wall mural flowers mahogany furniture

Headboard bedside table concrete floor round coffee table

Bedroom set up wood bed headboard

Bedroom accent wall paint laminate flooring

design ideas wallpaper geometric pattern white

modern bed headboard leather design bedside tables

Design beige color classic style

light blue wall color modern wooden furniture

Ideas dresser dressing table gray color scheme

set up ideas completely classic style

Furnishing ideas completely white modern

Ideas leather bed headboard design

shape ideas modern design

Ideas chocolate color wall white furniture

Design ideas image gallery modern white bed headboard

Ideas black white bed headboard design stripes

Bedroom design ideas double bed headboard

exotic bedroom wall decor ideas

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