Assemble the box spring bed yourself – in 7 steps to your dream bed

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Box spring beds are not only found in upscale hotels for a long time. In recent years the market has developed so much that you already have the option of designing your own bed according to your individual wishes and needs. You can put together the perfect box spring bed yourself in just a few steps and enjoy the generous sleeping comfort within your own four walls.

The 7 steps to the perfect box spring bed

Assemble box spring bed yourself topper metallic feet

Are you looking for a new box spring bed, but you just don’t like the finished models? Fortunately, good bed manufacturers already have the option of that to design a complete box spring bed individually. With the so-called configurators you can select all the elements of your new bed yourself down to the smallest detail. In the following we summarize the main steps to your own dream bed.

1. Select bed size

When you assemble the box spring bed yourself, choosing the bed size is the first step. The exact size is a very individual matter and can vary for people in different age groups. Whether a single or double bed, for younger couples or senior citizens, the lying area can be adapted to your own needs.

box spring bed cover imitation leather beige modern

2. Determine the appropriate degree of hardness

The most important requirement for a good sleep in a box spring bed is the right degree of firmness of the mattresses. This ranges from H1, which stands for very soft, to H5 – extremely hard. The individual degree of hardness for each person depends on their weight, body mass index (BMI) and the preferred sleeping position. However, since it does not have a fixed standard, the information provided by different manufacturers may differ.

topper box spring bed variants hardness material

3. Select the topper for the box spring bed

In addition to an upper and lower mattress, most box spring beds also have a mattress pad – the so-called topper. It improves lying comfort and increases the bed height by a few centimeters. You can choose between a topper made of cold foam, viscose or latex. The cold foam topper is considered to be the firmest, the visco topper adapts exactly to the contours of the body, whereas the latex topper is very soft and flexible.

box spring bed color brown wood feet

4. Match the color and fabric to the interior

The box spring bed not only convinces with great sleeping comfort, but also offers a visually appealing furnishing idea for the bedroom. If you put together your own box spring bed yourself, the choice of color and material for the cover of the bed is purely a matter of taste. In order not to lose track of things, you should primarily use colors that are already used in the furnishing or that go with it. As far as the material for the cover is concerned, you can usually choose between fabric, synthetic leather or natural leather imitation.

headboard box spring bed seams fabric dark gray

5. Personalize the headboard

Some manufacturers of box spring beds even offer the option of choosing the design, color and height of the headboard yourself. This is a great advantage, especially for smaller apartments or bedrooms with a sloping ceiling. In addition, even a few beautiful seams can turn the headboard into a real eye-catcher in the room.

6. Consider different foot variants

Although the feet are the smallest part of the bed, they can greatly affect its overall look. Depending on the style of the bedroom, there are different models, colors and materials to choose from. A floating look is also possible – if the feet are not visible, but rather offset.

Assemble the box spring bed yourself. The matching color of the bedside table

7. Find suitable accessories – bed bench and bedside table for the box spring bed

If you have already put together your dream bed, all you need is the right accessories. Like any other bed, box spring beds can also be supplemented with bedside tables or a practical bed bench. These can be chosen in the same color as the bed or create a contrast to it. The height of the bedside table should best be adjusted to the height of the bed. For a box spring bed, a height between 57 and 65 cm would be optimal. The bed bench, on the other hand, must neither be higher nor wider than the bed. For example, if the bed size is 180 x 200 cm, then a matching bed bench could be 140 cm wide.

Treat yourself to a restful sleep in your individually designed box spring bed!