30 furnishing ideas for bedrooms – using the small space optimally

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Ideally, an apartment or house is extremely spacious and offers sufficient living space. In fact, it often looks completely different – lots of furniture, little space. Everyone knows the problem with the small bedroom or the one-room apartment – no matter how the furniture is rearranged, it always looks overcrowded somehow. Only one thing can help here – multifunctional pieces of furniture save space and make the room look tidy and inviting. We have 30 for you Furnishing ideas for bedrooms and sleeping area that you can implement in your own four walls.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – with these living tips you will save space and money

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If you don’t own an apartment / house of your own, then you may be familiar with the problem of moving. What used to fit in the bedroom somehow no longer fits inside. A practical solution would be to opt for multifunctional furniture – it pays off in a loft bed with integrated bookshelves, a wardrobe or even Furnishing ideas for bedrooms Investing desk. Not only is the design functional, it is usually easy to assemble and parts of the bed can be transported. In the picture gallery you will find more with a loft bed.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – The foldable wall bed is perfect for the one-room apartment

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The wall bed has become an increasingly popular piece of furniture in recent years. The functionality of the foldable bed is undisputed, but the piece of furniture also scores in terms of design. The clear lines of the wall beds make them look more like wall decorations. Another cool alternative is the pull-out sofa / here you should pay particular attention to the quality, because this piece of furniture is used day and night and has to be extremely durable /.

Bedroom and living room furniture in one

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In the one-room apartment, where the kitchen, living room and bedroom are in one room, a good fold-away bed can be extremely practical. It combines the functions of bedroom and living room furniture in a compact, space-saving design. In addition to the pull-out bed, there are usually several shelves with or without cabinet doors that have plenty of storage space. With a fold-away bed, however, the bedroom and living room share a common area and no demarcation can be created between the two.

Set up a small bedroom

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Small bedrooms are often transformed into cozy children’s rooms, because the little ones don’t need as much space as the adults. Even with several children, the small bedroom can be made practical if it has a high ceiling. In this case, the beds can be arranged on two floors, which are connected by a ladder. This second level in the room can also be set up as a play area if it is too small for entire beds.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – sleeping area in a small family house

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Practical furnishing ideas are of central importance for a small apartment. With good planning and suitable furniture, even the small room can be designed to be multifunctional. The picture shows an example of a living room furnished with a pull-out bed. After the bed is pulled out, the room turns into a bright bedroom.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – foldable bed

Space-saving designer furniture set up youth rooms

Multifunctional furniture is extremely practical because it combines different pieces of furniture in one design. The foldable bed can not only be combined with a closet, but can also include a foldable desk. This space-saving furnishing idea is perfect for a youth or student room.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms – the movable bed

Bedroom in a design original idea 3D project

Another way to hide the bed in the living room is in the ceiling. With an electrical mechanism, the bed can be lowered in the evening and then stowed back in the ceiling in the morning. The ceiling is then designed in such a way that during the day it cannot even be assumed that there is a bed there.

Wall unit or fold-away bed? Cozy sleeping area in the living room

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Space-saving furniture is very popular, especially in large cities. There you often only have a small living space and can benefit greatly from multifunctional furniture. If the sleeping and living areas are to share a room, the foldable bed can also be hidden in a wall unit.

Extraordinary, but super original foldaway bed

Furniture design bedroom wall shelf system laminate floor

Murphy beds are not always designed with a foldable bed. Here you will find another functional idea for space-saving design where the bed can be stowed behind the inside of the cupboard. In the evening, the bed can simply be pulled out and then pushed back in, just like a drawer.

Holiday apartment – the bedroom is under the roof

Holiday home in the mountains space-saving designer solutions Pitched pitched roof

Attic apartments are also characterized by a small living space and therefore require space-saving furnishings. Since an attic usually has a high ceiling, the sleeping area can be designed on a second level. So the bed is right under the roof. In this case, however, you also need a ladder that leads to the sleeping area.

Modern and space-saving – loft bed with integrated wardrobe

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Here you can see an example of a small apartment on two levels. The sleeping area is located directly above the kitchen and has a built-in closet. Although all living areas in this apartment are in one room, there is a clear demarcation between them.

Furnishing ideas for bedrooms above the living room

Bedroom bed can be pushed up in a very original way

In this example, the bedroom and living room are again designed in one room, with the sleeping area above the living area. However, in this case the living room furniture is placed on a lower level so that the bed completely covers it. The different colors for the furnishings and lighting create a completely different atmosphere in both areas, even though they are in the same room.

Bedroom design in the loft apartment

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The furnishing ideas for bedrooms in an attic are simply endless. If the ceiling is high enough, it is recommended that the sleeping area be arranged on a second level in order to maintain privacy. Let yourself be inspired by our other ideas for space-saving bedroom furnishings!

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