25 romantic country style bedroom interiors


Longing for a little more romance in everyday life? If you like it natural, you will simply love the romantic country house style! The essence of rural romance and cosiness can also be integrated into modern city apartments. For an authentic room effect, one thing above all is needed: a comfortable four-poster bed with plenty of pillows and cozy blankets. This includes soft upholstered furniture, striped or checked cover fabrics, floor-length curtains and unusual decorations. Below are 25 romantic country style bedroom facilities! let yourself be inspired!

Romantic bedroom atmosphere with a modern touch

romantic-bedroom-country-style-wooden beams-girder-fireplace-bed-wooden floor

Stone clad walls convey a lot of warmth, comfort and, above all, naturalness. In combination with materials such as wood, soft cotton, elegant leather and linen you give the bedroom the characteristic cottage charm. Playing with fresh pastel colors, earth and natural tones is also allowed.

Romantic bedroom interior with fire in the fireplace

romantic-bedroom-country-style-natural stone-wood-beam-fireplace-chest of drawers-bed

In the country house style, there is no skimpy on patterns. Even romantic accessories made of wrought iron, traditional-looking chandeliers, lamps and deer antlers transform your bedroom into a charming refuge with style.

Retreat to feel good under the ceiling beams


A Contry-style bedroom offers a romantic and extraordinary ambience. Warm colors such as red, red-brown, green and yellow as well as objects with an ethnic look create an atmosphere of well-being.

Country style bedroom with a rustic stone fireplace

romantic-bedroom-country-style-fireplace-rustic-bed-solid wood

Metal elements add a touch of nostalgia


Stylish furnishings with a high level of comfort


Candlelight creates a romantic flair


A luxury retreat with a country house flair 


Cottage style wellbeing

romantic-bedroom-country-style-ceiling beams-chandelier-wooden frame

 Metal home accessories emphasize the modern touch


Bedroom romance with loving details



ideas-romantic-bedroom-country-style-sloping-roof-natural stone-wall

romantic-bedroom-country-style-ceiling beams-metal-chandelier-fur-ceiling




romantic-bedroom-country-style-natural-stone-wall-cladding-round-beam-solid wood


romantic-bedroom-country-style-chandelier-metal-plaid-curtains-canopy bed


romantic-bedroom-country-style-ideas-upholstered armchair-dark-cozy

country-style-bedroom-wall-clad in stone-fireplace-integrated