20 Asian-style Zen bedrooms with a relaxed atmosphere

zen bedroom wall mirror dark wood beige green

A bedroom should be tidy and free of distractions such as a workplace or television so that you can relax in peace. Which room would this simplicity and relaxed atmosphere be better for than this? Zen bedroom? Check out the 20 Asian-style Zen-style bedrooms we’ve put together for you.

Zen bedroom – tidy and relaxed

zen inspired bedroom free relaxed atmosphere

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Even if you don’t like traditional Japanese design, there are only a few essential features from that style that you can use. These are, for example Shoji walls, futon beds, bamboo mats and flower branches. Put the emphasis on subtle elements like symmetry, the black color and natural materials.

Modern variant of the Zen bedroom

modern bedroom white cream glass chandelier-zen

West Chin Architects & Interior designers

The modern zen style. This extremely simple zen bedroom also has an air of glamor and opulence. The soft materials such as bedspreads, thick carpets and curtains give the room a warmth that is usually not noticeable in Japanese design.

Mural on paper

bedroom japanese style furnishing mural paper

Fava Design Group

This bedroom combines the traditional style with the simplicity and symmetry of the Zen style. Cozy and neat.

Splashes of color in the Asian bedroom

bedroom asia style side table drum wood floor cabinet

Laidlaw Schultz architects

An earthy, warm zen feeling dominates this bedroom. The simple Japanese design does not completely dispense with decorative items and jewelry. There is room for color and pattern once they are not too overwhelming.

Bird print duvet

asian zen eclectic design bedroom bird pattern


Japanese simplicity is combined here with eclectic elements. Here we find symmetry, bird patterns and a general calming feeling.

Shoji walls and dark wood

asian bedroom black orange tree pot

brown wall paint and paper lamps

asian bedroom wood bed paper lamps

green and white zen touch bedroom furnishings green accent wall tree print

Wardrobe with mirrored doors  zen bedroom relaxed double bed wardrobe mirror

light wood and splashes of blue

bedroom asian style plank floor blue accents

warm nuances and window blinds

bedroom asian window blinds futon bed orange black

modern zen bedroom style futon bed window blinds

asian zen bedroom mural platform bed wood

Usona   bedroom wooden furniture set zen look open

bedroom relaxed wood panels bed floor-to-ceiling windows

bedroom design traditional japanese shoji wall accent      modern bedroom relaxed feeling wooden furniture

bedroom furnishing relaxed wooden bed storage shelf

modern zen bedroom gray white pink accents