Perfect white bedroom design


Elegant, calm and perfect, a white bedroom is the epitome of a luxurious and carefree life. Only those who lead a carefree, totally organized life are likely to choose a pure one white bedroom design. Keeping this white space pristine takes discipline and effort. Of course, if you have help with household chores, it doesn’t mean a problem. It could also be said that a pure white bedroom design is also a symbol of a wealthy way of life.

All white bedroom design and modern leather chairs

white bedroom design leather chairs

In reality, most of us do not have any domestic help. So could care for one white bedroom design mean that certain lifestyle compromises have to be made. White walls are not a problem as white paintwork can be updated regularly. White curtains or blinds, however, need to be washed frequently to keep them looking fresh and flawless. As well as white bed linen and furniture covers. So that your white bedroom looks untouched, you must have more than one set of each of these elements.

white bedroom with brown accent elements



Flooring is an important consideration in a white bedroom. A white rug will add a super luxury element to your space. However, are you able to keep this in perfect condition? Are children and pets being banned from your room to protect your immaculate carpet? The answer is “probably not,” so white carpets are not a practical option. Alternatively, paint floorboards white and use smaller white carpets for a similar level of comfort. Or choose a completely washable surface for your floors such as stone or ceramic tiles. These are easy to care for and you will enjoy their beauty for years.

white bedroom with red pillows


You could also choose to add other pops of color to a predominantly white bedroom, like warm hardwood floors or some bright colors that aren’t that difficult to maintain. Other more durable materials and furniture would be white leather furniture or white shutters. These are easy to keep clean and fresh without breaking your washing machine.

white bedroom with blue stools


There is no denying that the impact of an all-white bedroom design scheme is breathtaking. The fabulous examples illustrate the claim. Careful planning and a little discipline will help, a white bedroom to design that is sustainable and that keeps its “movie star” perfection for years to come.

by Jaz


White bedroom from A-cero



modern-white-design-gray-elements   white bedroom minimalism

romantic bedroom in white


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Six amazing bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois

Bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

Six amazing Bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois ready for you to change your perception of the classic and contemporary premise. Where we sleep, relax and have private moments of joy and intimacy. Immerse yourself in the incredible world of all Roche Bobois collections. When we get the amazing products from Roche Bobois we can present the Bedroom design ideas not provided. Indeed, these ideas make a wonderful impression. Take a look at them and pick your favorite one.

Bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois – Production and corporate vision

horizon-bed-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

Besides the amazing Bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois the studio and workers behind the Roche Bobois company has a lot to show and offer. The outdoor furniture, for example, are the specialties of the design studio in Roche Bobois. You will also find many decoration ideas such as pendants, carpets, curtains and many others. However, all of them are closely related to the main concepts used for furniture construction and arrangement in a particular interior decoration.

The first three amazing bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois

Tapinassi-Manzoni-bed-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

The first model of the amazing Bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois is the creative work of two of the most talented and beloved designers working in the company. Tapinassi and Manzoni show us an eclectic conception. A well-lit and spacious enough premise that doesn’t look like a bedroom at all. The large windows and the minimalist emptiness emphasize the elegant style. The refinement is achieved by the beautiful bed design, which can be perfectly combined with a table and chair, both of different sizes. The original decoration on the table accentuates the reflective and mirrored conception of the interior.

Marina-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

That Marina bedroom is the closest idea from the amazing Bedroom design ideas from Roche Bobois this year. The extraordinary bed is in a breathtaking combination with the coffee table, which has a strange shape. This could be represented as a modification or hybrid between an armchair and a retro desk. The elegant cabinets in white are made from high-quality wood materials. They are as compact and useful as the shelves and closet we know and see in our crowded kitchens.

Vanity-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

That Vanity bedroom is in a classic color scheme. The team behind Roche Bobois achieves a level of perfection that cannot be seen elsewhere, in any other collection of amazing bedroom design ideas. The elegant lines, the elegance of the furniture arrangement and the simple and traditional decors work together by accentuating the most significant rule in a bedroom – comfort and intimacy. The bed is very beautiful and impressive and the embedded bedside table symbolizes the innovations that Roche Bobois are trying to follow and apply in their ideas.

Two amazing kids bedroom ideas and bed designs from Roche Bobois


These two of the amazing nursery design ideas from Roche Bobois are perfect choices if you are wondering what type of bedroom to design for your child. The accents fall on the order and the regular arrangement of the furniture. The designers followed the idea of ​​creating more space for the child by arranging the most important elements – the bed, the desk and the shelves – in a corner. The decoration is simple and functional. There is nothing useless or superfluous and the child feels comfortable here no matter what he or she is doing – relaxing, writing homework, playing games, or chatting with guests.

TIRAMOLLA-children's room-modular-furniture

The bed design by Roche Bobois adhere to the conception for a healthy, restful and pleasant sleep. The comfort is balanced with the classic beauty and the end effect is perfect.

And a few more bed designs from Roche Bobois

maestro-bed-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

Reflet bed

reflet-bed-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

Diasapon bed

Diapason-bed-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois

Anarima bed

ANARIMA-bed-bedroom-design-ideas-by-Roche Bobois


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Inviting dream beds bring first-class comfort into your home: 21 ideas

upholstered bed-freestanding positioning-bedroom modern design

Beds are not just for sleeping: the bed is a place to dream, linger, relax and recharge your batteries. Without a doubt, the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in an apartment, where we spend around a third of our lives. A good bed is synonymous with health and wellbeing. When looking for the right solution for your bedroom, you can gather some inspiration here. We have 20 ideas for here spectacular Dream beds compiled.

Spectacular beds transport you into the world of dreams

Vintage wall small brick-white bed-Scandinavian interior style

Before buying the bed you want, you should definitely consider the spatial conditions and individual taste. It is helpful to know that men and women prefer different bed preferences. In general, studies show that women place more value on bed size than men. The bed should be particularly stable. Look for a premium bed with an aesthetic design. Whether you choose a water bed, a hanging bed or an upholstered bed, with or without a headboard, made of fine solid wood, with a free-standing position in the room – it’s a matter of taste. In most cases, form and function can be put together individually.

Dream beds ensure healthy sleeping comfort

dream bed headboard black bedside tables furniture table lamps metal articulated moveable

What is part of your dream bed? – definitely a medium-hard mattress, cozy bed linen and lots of pillows. Matching bedside tables and dressers complement the bedroom ensemble. For a restful sleep, it is important that we feel good. The perfect bed adapts to the shape of the body, you sleep well in it and dream sweetly.

Great bed with colorful linens

Modern bed - metal frame pattern - colorful bed linen

Innovative relaxation solution: a net for sleeping

Ideas for hanging bed hammock for indoor play net sleeping function

Creative and unusual beds: hanging bed 

Indoor hanging bed - gray bed linen Scandinavian style

A bed with luxurious dimensions

dream bed headboard upholstered wall design vintage effect plank floor

The perfect bed guarantees sleeping harmony

Dream bed ideas for bedrooms with sloping ceilings

Dream beds with soft bed linen

Ideas for bedroom cozy beds soft bedspreads

Upholstered bed in Moroccan style for better sleeping comfort

Top floor bedroom-setting up Moroccan inspired wall-bedding

Practical bed with a wooden frame

Bedroom bed wooden frame-white bedclothes floor-to-ceiling window

A dream come true in your own bedroom

Furnishing Modern bed-bedroom Textile wall rustic

Restful sleep in harmony with nature

Bedroom with floor to ceiling glass windows wood wall cladding

Gothic bed with decorated headboard

Bedroom furnishings gothic elements designer bed-canopy

Rooms with sloping ceilings-ideas soft textiles-bed linen-modern patterns

Bedroom with window under the roof Linen-modern pattern

Bed-camping tent romantic lighting-with candles or lanterns

Dreamlike beds-cozy bedspreads bedroom ideas

Trendy glamping tent furnishing ideas comfortable beds pillows

Ideas for bed headboard wood-metal white bed linen throw pillows

Maldivian islands ideas for dream bed hammock palm shade

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Beautiful bedroom curtains increase the feel-good factor

Turquoise-colored curtains-chilled-lounge-atmosphere-bedroom

Are you planning a new window design in the bedroom? The decorative effect always plays an important role. Beautiful bedroom curtains in all imaginable colors, patterns and sizes give your sleeping area that certain something and ensure a feeling of security and wellbeing.

Beautiful bedroom curtains as optimal window decoration


When furnishing the bedroom, the most important thing is the effect, the atmosphere that you want to create there. In order to achieve this, a good coordination of floor and wall design, furniture, home textiles and decorations is required. Curtains and drapes form the frame of the room and must be in harmony with the rest of the room. Bedroom curtains clearly have advantages if you want to clearly commit to a style or furnishing theme. You can easily exchange them and adapt them to your changed taste at any time – also a positive aspect for cleaning.

Beautifully flowing, floor-length bedroom curtains

transparent-plain-colored bedroom curtain furnishing ideas

Fabrics play the main role for the right window decoration in a bedroom. Curtains made of flowing, draped fabrics increase the feel-good factor through lightness and elegance. Whether transparent or opaque, plain-colored or patterned, beautiful bedroom curtains put your sleeping place in the limelight. The people who mostly achieve an intimate atmosphere to relax could rely on the calming effect of pastel colors. The alternative consists in contrasts: with bright colors and large-format patterns on curtains and drapes, you emphasize your personality. But you should also think of functions such as privacy and sun protection when choosing. Window shapes also play a role here – an individual solution from Profi is recommended for the professional fastening of curtains in corner or round windows.

New curtain trends


The trendy alternatives to curtains in the bedroom are pleated systems that can be attached to the left and right of the window frame or Roman blinds. Sliding curtains with a puristic appearance can be perfectly integrated into young, modern interiors.

Nice flowing curtains


Side curtains supplemented with floor-length scarves

Traditional-bedroom-luxury-chandelier-wall plaster-curtains-side-scarves

Simple, puristic design elements in the bedroom


Curtains in eye-catching colors


Window curtains in muted colors


Floor-length curtains draped nicely

beautiful-draped-window-curtains-sun-protection-window decoration

Chilled lounge atmosphere 

bedroom-beach-style-sun protection-curtains-elegant-flowing-fabric

Happy patterns create interesting effects


Curtains reaching down to the floor


Beautiful draped bedroom curtains and plain colors


Beautiful bedroom curtains with lively designs

Window curtains-patterned-floral-young-modern-interiors-bedrooms

Optimal window decoration


Optimal-window decoration-bedroom-curtains-trends-coral-red-lively-designs

patterned-bedroom-curtains-white-gray-floral-ornaments-window protection





floor-length-opaque-bedroom-curtains-red-brown-lacquer-wooden floor

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Space-saving space solution – hang the bed on the ceiling

Bed hanging from the ceiling, studio apartment modern furnishings

Everyone dreams of a large king-size bed, but in a small apartment this is often “Mission Impossible”. The architect Renato Arrigo but has cleverly solved this dilemma – he has Hanging the bed on the ceiling permit. During the day it magically disappears (it is tucked away at the top) to make room for other daily activities. This space-saving solution was implemented in a small apartment in the old town of Taormina, Sicily, Italy. The wooden platform was provided with stainless steel cleats for rope attachment. The bed can be hung up and lowered with an electric pulley suspension system.

Hang the bed on the ceiling and stow it away during the day


Since the bed is not part of the ceiling, Renato has emphasized its different looks with an interesting decoration. He had the words “Space is Luxury” written with a contemporary graffiti font. How true is that in a small apartment that suffers from a lack of space and what an interesting way to add an artistic touch to the interior. The graffiti style works well for this modern furnished apartment.

“Space is Luxury” is the graffiti writing in white and black

bed hanging on the ceiling writing-space-is-luxury-renato-arrigo

just let it go to the desired height

bed hanging on the ceiling idea-renato-arrigo

space-saving-idea-bed sn hang the ceiling-renato-arrigo

Vincent Kartheiser’s apartment

bed-ceiling-hanging-under-lighting-dining area-built-in wardrobe


Designed by Wiktor Jazwiec



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Bedroom ideas – exciting luxury furniture for a special ambience


New Bedroom ideas sought? Here you will find an inspiring selection! Who hasn’t thought about giving their bedroom that certain something? Furnishing solutions that not only provide a quiet zone but also a comfortable snug area are in increasing demand. It becomes stylish and beautiful with high-quality furniture. They are always something special and give your rooms a completely different flair.

Bedroom ideas for retreat with style

bedroom-ideas-classic-furniture-canopy bed-black-desk

Anyone looking for modern design for their own home can quickly create a symbiosis of functions and shapes with luxury furniture. In the luxury bedroom you will find everything you need for a good night’s sleep and optimal relaxation. Luxurious furniture makes you feel like you are in seventh heaven! Matching accessories give your home a tasteful flair.

Bedroom ideas for harmonious furnishings


Investing in luxury bedroom furniture is definitely worth it. However, nowadays more and more people are anxious to realize original bedroom ideas without spending a lot of money. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive either. Those who opt for it can often find inexpensive solutions.

Tasteful flair


Luxury furniture makes every bedroom a unique space. Thanks to their extraordinary design, every extravagant living style can be realized.

Elaborate design with elegant color intensity


The play of colors and materials is essential. Light and friendly colors ensure that the bedroom not only looks like a place to sleep, but also conveys a feeling of security.

Premium pieces of furniture


Natural materials and made-to-measure furniture for bedrooms are a guarantee for a luxury feeling. If you want to put your luxury bedroom in the limelight, you should also pay attention to special lighting. It creates the necessary mood. Coordinated curtains, bed linen and bedspread complete the room ambience.

Stunning elegance


Luxury bedroom furniture is of great quality and makes it look wonderful.

Optimal use of the available space potential

Privacy screen-partition-wood-ornaments-furnishing-bedrooms

Holistic color concept

Furnishing a bedroom-with-a-fireplace-luxury-bed-retreat

Bedroom ideas with a playful romantic twist



Upholstered bed-bench-luxurious-textile-cream-colored



luxury bedroom-fireplace-upholstered bed-couch-velvet-cover




classic-bedroom-wooden-bed-carpet-floor-lacquered-wood covering



four-poster bed-bedroom-ideas-modern-home-textiles-exotic-touch

furnishing-bedroom-royal-style-upholstered bench-four-poster bed



furnishing ideas-bedroom-luxury-furniture-wood-parquet-floor-soft-textiles

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Feng Shui tips for your bedroom

Feng Shui bedroom soft headboard

Find good potential for Feng Shui in your bedroom? You can find the answer to these questions here. Since we have to gather strength and energy for our private and professional life at home, it is necessary for all elements in the arrangement of the bedroom to give a feeling of cosiness.

Feng Shui Tips – Beige Bedroom

Beige feng shui bedroom

Make sure that there are a large number of pillows in the bedroom, soft blankets, long curtains or drapes – anything that will keep you from wanting to leave the bedroom. In the bedroom, where we relax, you can’t miss the soft carpet. Who doesn’t like a soft carpet all over the floor? Or you can preferentially lean on both sides of the bed, according to the philosophy of Feng Shui symbol of their connection, such a partnership. To Feng Shui Tips in the bedroom the headboard will give you a feeling of security.

wonderful Feng Shui bedroom decoration


How to make the bed in the bedroom after Feng Shui Set up tips? Ideally after Feng Shui in the bedroom the bed is placed in the middle of a wall. If the bed is away from the wall or in the middle of the interior, call it the Feng Shui driving bed. The couple who are asleep lacks … a clear goal in life. Experts also give advice Feng Shui to face a sofa. From their point of view, this gives the impression of provisionality and lack of life stamina. Why not? Try your bedroom after that Feng Shui tips set up.

 Feng Shui tips – bedrooms with soft pillows


Modern Feng Shui bedroom in blue and white


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Modern bedroom furnishings with a high degree of individuality


Are you looking for new design ideas for your bedroom? The latest trends are clearly going in the direction of customization. From the quality of the mattress to the look of the curtains, the entire bedroom furnishings should have a personal touch and ensure pure relaxation. Here are a few good examples and tips for modern bedroom design.

Living trends for modern bedroom furnishings

Bedroom-furnishing-with-style-curtains-sun protection-cosiness

Every design fan has known for some time that modern bedrooms tend to reduce furniture to a minimum. Just as important as the formal simplicity and optimal use of space in bedroom design is also the trend towards sustainability and a healthy sleeping environment. The desire for more naturalness and security continues and is reflected in classic designs, natural materials and organic shapes.

Wood as a material for bedroom furniture or high-quality wall and floor coverings is experiencing a renaissance today. The natural material can be found in a wide variety of forms, especially when it comes to new designs. Solid, natural beds, cupboards and chests of drawers are durable, easy to maintain and particularly robust. In addition, there is nowadays an extensive selection of surfaces and colors that make all individual bedroom dreams come true.

Modern bedrooms characterized by creative elements


Modern bedroom interiors have to be beautiful and cozy as well as something very personal. With the right pieces of furniture, decorative accessories and home textiles, you could increase the wellness and relaxation factor and create eye-catchers.

Set individual accents


Details are also important in the bedroom. Art has become an indispensable element of individualization in our bedrooms. It all depends on personal taste – you can choose beautiful abstract pictures or set up candlesticks. Indoor plants in the bedroom also ensure a harmonious feeling of well-being.

Modern bedrooms become a place of retreat


So that you can withdraw into your bedroom and switch off from everyday stress, it is important that the individual pieces of furniture create a harmonious picture – for pure relaxation.

Stylish relaxation room with lots of wood


Furnishing with a lot of cosiness guarantees you a restful sleep

Homely-bedroom-wood-back wall-duvet-gray

Security and relaxation achieved through the use of wood

wall design-wood-natural-materials-interior-tendencies-furnishing

Designer furniture in the bedroom follows the trend

Black and white bedroom decors-designer-table-bed-upholstered

Hi-tech furnishings are based on formal simplicity

bedroom-design-puristic-modern-led-tv-coffee table-metal

Color accents put you in a good mood


puristic-bedroom-furnishing-modern-bed-headboard-metal-rich in ornaments


modern-bedroom-home-textiles-trend-colors-bright-throw pillows





mediterranean-style-furnishing-bedroom-ceiling beams-rustic-terracotta-floor tiles





living-ideas-bedroom-bedspread-trend-pattern-flooring-wooden floorboards


ceiling design-modern-spots-light-effects-bedspread-brown-homely


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