The best summer fragrances that go with every occasion


In summer our activities reach their peak – we go on vacation, hurry to the beach, meet friends, take part in weddings or other events, or simply organize a BBQ in the backyard. And just like with the outfit, a certain fragrance does not suit every occasion. We should carefully choose the clothes, as well as the perfume or eau de toilette, so that we feel comfortable and not uncomfortable everywhere.

The best summer fragrances for every occasion


Which are the best Summer scents for 2014? Isn’t the choice of a perfume a matter of taste, which depends on personal needs, mood and skin-specifics. The gurus in the perfume industry definitely know which criteria the good and globally popular fragrance should meet in order to gain popularity on the market and establish itself as a strong brand. Thus, under the evaluation of the professionals, specific aromas fall which may not please all but the majority of fragrance consumers.

Selection of the best summer fragrances


Tata Harper is an eco-cosmetics company that has no place for synthetics and chemicals. It only uses non-toxic ingredients that do not disturb and soothe the skin. The green products are designed and prepared by an industrial team together with Tata experts.

Tom Ford’s collection is designed for women and men at the same time 


Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and film director. He worked with Gucci before creating his own Tom Ford series and making the film A Single Man.

 The good mother earth


This perfume is inspired by a Charlie Chaplin saying: ‘The good earth is rich and can get everything for us’ – from the film The Great Dictator, 1942.

 A perfume set from Nova 


 The scents of Nova


 L’Occitane’s proposal


 A perfume oil from Le Labo


 Eau Moheli for women and men 


 Make Perfume not War 


The White Suede from Tom Ford