Make salt peeling yourself: Tips for skin care with sea salt

Make your own salt peeling skin effect beauty

Sea salt has been known for centuries for its nourishing and healing properties. It is particularly suitable as a peeling for the simple care of stressed skin. It promotes blood circulation, improves the complexion and helps to relax properly. The best thing is that you can do a salt peeling yourself. Effective, healing and soothing care for the skin can be prepared without great effort and particularly inexpensively. We’ll tell you how to do it in the article.

Soothing skin care with sea salt: do your own salt peeling

Make your own salt peeling sea salt application effect effects skin

The sea salt contains many important minerals such as iodine, magnesium, calcium and potassium. They play a crucial role in the functioning of the body and also for the skin. It also has healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties for eczema, blemishes, acne and pimples. In addition to thorough cleansing, regular peeling is also necessary to improve the condition of the blemished skin. The granular structure of the salt peeling ensures that dead skin is removed and stimulates the formation of new cells. The sea salt also has an antiseptic effect and promotes blood circulation. This will remove the toxins and excess sebum. Most of the ready-made anti-pimple products on the market are very aggressive and can dry the skin excessively. As a result, sebum production is stimulated and sensitive skin is irritated. On the other hand, the salt has a naturally disinfecting effect and is also very suitable for sensitive skin.

What is peeling and is normal household salt also suitable for it?

Make your own salt peeling sea salt skin care beauty

Peeling means “peeling treatment” from English. Only the top layer of skin is treated and removed over a large area. There are different types of peeling: superficial, medium-deep and deep, and with regard to the procedure: mechanical, chemical and laser. The salt peeling is classified as a superficial, mechanical peeling. It is particularly mild and therefore hardly poses any risks, even for sensitive skin. Only people with spider veins or another venous disorder should generally refrain from using peelings.

Make your own salt peeling mix himalaya pink salt

Regardless of the part of the body, the salt peeling can improve the general appearance of the skin. However, normal household salt is not suitable for this. It is best to use Dead Sea salt or pure sea salt for cosmetic purposes. Other types of salt such as normal table salt or salt from the Himalayas are characterized by a different mineral content and are therefore not particularly suitable for cosmetic purposes.

Make salt peeling yourself: how does it work?

Make salt peeling yourself skin care tips natural cosmetics

You can prepare a salt peeling in the form of a concentrated salt water solution and simply mix a teaspoon of sea salt with 1-2 tablespoons of lukewarm water. The granular mixture is applied to the face with the help of a cotton pad after daily cleansing and left to dry or, best of all, overnight. Then wash off the salt peeling with lukewarm water. Finally, you can apply a moisturizer if the skin feels very tight. After just a few applications you can see the result: the pimples and bumps on the skin become fewer and the skin – finer.

Do it yourself salt peeling skin application effects beauty tips

The salt peeling can be particularly effective against skin aging symptoms such as wrinkles and pigment spots and also against skin impurities such as clogged pores or skin scars. Certain forms of acne, dry skin and itching can also be influenced very positively by the salt peeling. It cannot only be applied to individual areas of the skin. This primarily treats the face and décolleté. However, a full body treatment is also possible.

The effect of salt peeling

Salt peeling yourself make full body peeling sea salt effect

Regardless of the part of the body, the use of salt peeling has a generally gentle effect on the skin. The superficial flakes of skin are removed very gently and this stimulates the formation of new cells. Effects such as an increase in the robustness and elasticity of the skin as well as the refinement of pores and wrinkles become visible after a few applications. It is advisable to only carry out peeling applications every 2 to 4 weeks and in no case more than once a week, as the skin takes some time to regenerate. Too frequent use can lead to cornification of the skin.

Make salt peeling yourself

Make your own salt peeling himalaya salt mix natural use

Salt peeling treatments are available in many beauty salons, spa and wellness facilities. In the drugstores and pharmacies there are different cosmetic products and alternatively you can do a salt peeling yourself and use it yourself at home. Below are a few tried and tested recipes for salt peeling.

Make your own peeling: full body peeling 

Make your own salt peeling spa wellness application skin


  • 50 g sea salt
  • 45 g of olive oil
  • 5 g essential oil of your choice (depending on skin type)

Make salt peeling yourself sea salt essential oils

Mix all ingredients for the salt peeling in a plastic or glass bowl. Be careful with the selection and later with the selection of essential oils. Most of the time, only a few drops are completely sufficient, because after all, the peeling should feel pleasant and refreshing. Then apply the homemade salt peeling evenly on the skin and wrap the body tightly with a hand or linen towel. So that it gets nice and warm, you can cover yourself with a blanket. The salt peeling should work for 20-30 minutes or more and then you can shower, wash off the peeling and gently dry the skin.

Make your own salt peeling application effect beauty tips

If there is little time available, you can use the homemade salt peeling while showering or bathing. You simply take some salt peeling and apply it to the skin with circular movements. Finally rinse well and gently pat dry with a towel. This removes dead skin cells and makes the skin feel smoother.

Make salt peeling with honey yourself: recipe

Make your own salt peeling salt honey recipe application


  • 50 g sea salt
  • 25 g of liquid honey

Make your own salt peeling recipe application essential oils

First you have to warm the honey in a water bath. It should feel comfortable on the skin and not be hot. Then mix in the sea salt to make a thick paste. The peeling should only be applied to cleansed skin. It works best after a shower or steam bath when the pores are open. Now apply the honey-salt peeling and massage it gently into the skin with circular movements. After a contact time of at least 30 minutes, you can rinse off with lukewarm water and, if the skin is dry, apply a nourishing cream.

Make salt peeling yourself honey body peeling skin

The salt peeling application can be carried out particularly well while bathing. Simply apply the homemade salt peeling and get into the bathtub. Then you can rest and relax with a nourishing Hong sea salt bath. After about half an hour you can enjoy supple skin. If you have skin injuries, it is advisable not to use a salt peeling. If you suffer from a skin disease, you should seek advice from a dermatologist or your family doctor before resorting to the procedure.