Make a peeling yourself – simple and effective recipes


If you want to make your beauty routine a little more natural, finding a replacement for the conventional products would be a wise decision. A peeling do it Yourself – this is one of the best choices when it comes to homemade cosmetics, as the recipes are very simple and easy to adapt to needs.

You can do the peeling yourself in the kitchen


The main ingredients of the peeling recipes are usually salt or sugar. Namely, they are mild and yet work effectively at removing dead skin cells. Scrubs that contain salt are considered best for oily skin, while those with sugar are good for normal to dry skin.

Do a peeling yourself – enjoy combinations


The basic formula for a homemade DIY scrub is extremely simple and involves mixing a rubbing ingredient with a base oil. Here are a few do-it-yourself body scrubs that are worth trying out:

A body scrub made from sugar and coconut oil


So that you get this Do the peeling yourself, you will need half a cup of sugar, a quarter cup of coconut oil, a teaspoon of honey and, if you want, a few drops of an essential oil that you like. Mix the sugar and coconut oil in a bowl until smooth. Then add the honey.

A do-it-yourself body scrub against cellulite


As you may know, coffee is often found as an ingredient in products that are supposed to work against so-called orange peel. You can achieve a similar effect by using coffee grounds as an ingredient for the DIY peeling with the same application area. The easiest recipe for an anti-cellulite scrub is to mix equal amounts of coffee and salt, then add enough olive oil to make a thick paste.

A body peeling for the summer


In summer the tomatoes are plentiful and extremely cheap. So the hot months are the best time to experiment with the following DIY scrub: Mix a large, well-chopped tomato with two cups of sugar and enough oil to get a smooth mass. If you are bothered by the smell of this scrub, you can also add a few drops of essential oil. You can pack the scrub airtight and put it in the refrigerator. This is a great way to refresh your skin after a hot day outdoors.

A body scrub made from rosemary


This DIY scrub consists of three basic ingredients. These are salt, olive or almond oil, and rosemary. Mix 8 teaspoons of salt with 4 teaspoons of oil and the leaves of two sprigs of rosemary. You can also add a few drops of rosemary oil. Rosemary is said to have a positive effect on the skin by stimulating the formation of cells and improving blood circulation in the skin.

Make a luxurious body peeling yourself from almonds


Mix two cups of finely chopped almonds with 4 teaspoons of olive oil and one cup of sea salt in a bowl until you get a thick paste. Apply this DIY scrub in a circular motion. Do not forget to apply lotion to the skin afterwards. The scrub can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Papaya with lemon and powdered sugar

Make papaya-lemon-salt-scrub-alone

The honey is present in many recipes


This product contains calcium and important amino acids


Lemon peeling with tomatoes


The oatmeal cleanses the skin of the face