Gua Sha Massage is the new beauty miracle weapon for a radiant face!

To have beautiful and flawless skin – this is what all women dream of. From toner for the face to cacay oil to light therapy for acne – the beauty market is booming. The selection of beauty products that promise us a fresher and younger look is now so large that we can hardly decide what would work best for us and our skin type. And since all beauty salons are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, facial treatments are out of the question and we have to take care of our skin ourselves at home. Already used as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, the Gua Sha massage has made a name for itself in this country and rightly so. The massage technique not only makes our skin glow, it also reduces the formation of wrinkles and relieves headaches. What exactly is behind the new beauty trend, how exactly does Gua Sha massage work for the face and how is it done? We’ll tell you the answers to these and many other questions in our article!

Gua Sha massage for the face do it yourself skin care at home

The Gua Sha massage originally comes from traditional Chinese medicine and is a very important part of folk medicine, especially in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Quite cheap compared to overpriced facial treatments and incredibly effective – it’s not for nothing that dermatologists around the world refer to the massage technique as the “best beauty tool of the millennium”. However, Gua Sha not only ensures a radiant and healthy complexion, but can also help with colds or relieve headaches and back pain. More and more celebrities and beauty influencers swear by the positive effects of regular use of Gua Sha on the face.

What is Gua Sha Massage and what benefits does it offer for our skin?

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The Gua Sha massage is a kind of stimulus therapy and originally comes from traditional Chinese medicine. “Gua” means “scrape” and “Sha” means “disease”. The skin is particularly irritated and stressed with a jade stone in order to promote blood circulation. With Gua Sha all toxins and blockages are removed so that nutrients and oxygen can flow better in the body. Redness and bruising often occur immediately after application and it is therefore very important to carry out the treatment very carefully and gently. According to traditional Chinese medicine, chi is the energy that flows through our body and is responsible for inflammation and acute illnesses. By rubbing the skin, the Gua Sha massage is supposed to break up this energy and in this way contribute to an improved and healthy complexion. The jade stone should be stroked over the oiled skin until the lymph is activated.

Gua Sha benefits and effects on the skin

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The Gua Sha massage for the face was developed to relieve tension in the facial muscles, to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in order to remove any swelling. However, the Chinese healing method is not only beneficial for our beauty but can also improve our general health. Here are some of the most important Gua Sha benefits that you should be aware of.

  • Gua Sha anti-wrinkle massage – During the Gua Sha massage, the top layer of skin is gently peeled to remove dead cells. It has a relaxing and deeply relaxing effect on the facial features, so that even the deepest wrinkles are reduced after a few weeks. As a result, we feel reborn after the massage and our skin looks much fresher and more youthful.
  • Against swelling – Salty meals or a food allergy often lead to a build-up of lymphatic fluids and puffiness on the face. A gentle Gua Sha massage along the lymphatic system can, however, promote the lymphatic drainage and thus minimize the swelling that has developed. However, one should know the anatomy for this and use the Gua Sha massage correctly. Because if you stroke in the wrong direction or exert too much pressure on the skin, the complexion can even deteriorate.

Gua Sha Massage Technique Facial Care Home Tips

  • The absorption of nutrients is improved – The irritation of the skin promotes blood circulation. This in turn ensures that the nutrients from both the inside and the outside reach the skin better.
  • The flow of energy is stimulated – During the stimulation massage, the acupuncture points on the face are stimulated, which benefits the energy cycle. Gua Sha is an excellent way to relieve tension in the neck or severe headaches.

How does Gua Sha massage work and what is the correct technique

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In order for you to benefit from all of the benefits of Gua Sha massage for the face, it is very important to know the correct technique. But do not worry – we will show you everything step by step and with a little practice you will be able to master this really well after a few days of use. Take special care that you don’t just scrape back and forth, but always move the stone in the same direction, always from the center of the face outwards. So that the stone can glide better over the skin, you should hold the skin taut with one hand and apply the scraper over as large a surface as possible. The Gua Sha massage usually lasts between 25 and 30 minutes and small redness and bruises appear immediately after the application. But don’t worry – depending on how sensitive your skin is, it will go away after 2-3 days. And this is how you make your skin shine:

  • Before you start the actual Gua Sha massage, you should moisturize and oil your skin abundantly – this will loosen the blockages and refresh the blood. Essential oils with a calming and nourishing effect, such as coconut oil, lavender oil or almond oil, are particularly suitable for stimulation massage. Cacay oil and sesame oil also successfully absorb toxins from the skin and are often used.
  • Now take the scraper and, ideally, hold it pressed against the skin at an angle of about 30-45 degrees. Remember to irritate each area at least 5 times or until the skin becomes red. This activates the lymphs and removes toxins from the body.
  • With the Gua Sha massage we should always work from the bottom up. So start with the nape of the neck and stroke the stone up until you reach the chin. Use the wide and outwardly curved end of the stone for this.
  • Move to the front of the neck starting from the collarbone.

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  • Then the right side of the face is massaged first. Use the prepared and inwardly curved side, starting at the chin. Stroke the stone over the jaw until you reach the ear.
  • Use the long flat side of the scraper to move up your cheek.
  • Next, use the tips of the stone and place it in the inner corner of the lids under the eyes. Stroke towards your temples with gentle pressure.
  • Place the scraper with the broad, outwardly curved end on the center of the forehead and stroke horizontally to the temples and then up to the hairline.
  • Repeat the above steps on the left side of the face and you’re done!

How often and when should the Gua Sha massage best be used

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How often you do a Gua Sha massage depends largely on the results you want. Since the skin is particularly irritated and stressed with the massage technique, it is important to give it some time to relax. For best results, it is recommended to use 2 to 3 times a week. The real work of the fascia actually happens after the massage and for this reason it is best to scrape in the evening.

Which crystals and stones are suitable for the Gua Sha massage??

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Gua Sha stones are known for their soothing and cooling effects on the skin. The choice of crystals is quite large and which one you choose depends on your personal preferences. The most famous scrapers are made of rose quartz, jade and obisdian and differ mainly in their healing properties and properties.

  • Rose quartz gua sha has a very smooth surface and is ideal for sensitive skin. The stone has a stimulating and naturally cooling effect and is often used to treat acne. In addition, rose quartz is known in naturopathy as a natural remedy for headaches. So if you are struggling with pimples or blackheads, a Gua Sha from Rosenquart would be for you!
  • Gua Sha from Obisdian – Obisdian is made from volcanic lava and is said to promote blood circulation, strengthen connective tissue and loosen blockages in the body. It is precisely these properties of the stone that make it perfect for a Gua Sha massage for the face.

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