Growing eyelashes – does it really work?

Full eyelashes for a great look without much effort – this is a dream for many women. Especially in times when the eyes of our face can mainly be seen, their radiance is even more important than usual. Unfortunately, many women have to discover that not only do their hair thin out with age, but also their eyelashes. Others naturally have short and few hairs on the lash line, so they often resort to artificial eyelashes. However, the dream is always that your own eyelashes are long, thick and simply beautiful, so that you only have to help with a little mascara to get the most beautiful look. To be able to achieve that, we have this Long4Lashes Serum tested. Does it do what it says on the tin? And how does it even work?

Eyelash serum: is THE best cosmetic ever?

Eyelash serum for naturally long, beautiful eyelashes

There are a few providers of eyelash serums, but using them is always a question of trust. After all, you use the product on sensitive eyes and don’t want to take any risk here. So it’s worth taking a look at the ingredients of this one Power Formula eyelash serums from Oceanic to throw. Who is this company anyway?

Care for and grow eyelashes with Long4Lashes Serum

Oceanic is based in Europe, and more precisely in Poland, and has been in the market for 38 years. In today’s fast-paced times, this is to be assessed very positively. This brand started with a lotion for intimate hygiene, which indicates that the makers are familiar with sensitive and demanding body regions. “Made in Europe” is a mark of quality and Oceanic now delivers its cosmetic products all over the world.

The eyelash serum is a bestseller because it is one of the most popular serums that can be found on the market. What is inside?

The ingredients of Long4Lashes

Make eyelashes grow thicker with serum

The effectiveness of the applied cosmetics undoubtedly depends on the composition. Long4Lashes contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid that moisturizes and smooths the eyelashes. The eyelashes become more vital and stronger.
  • Active peptide complex that improves the density of the eyelashes. It gives the formula strength for a longer and healthy hair effect.
  • Provitamin B5, which binds water in the hair structure. The eyelashes are much smoother and shinier.
  • Rice and almond oils that care for the eyelashes from the roots. Because of this, the hair is deeply hydrated and very flexible.

These components are important for healthy and thick eyelashes. To understand how these work, one has to look at the life cycle of eyelashes.

The life cycle of eyelashes

The eyelash life cycle has four phases

With eyelashes we observe the same life phases as with scalp hair, only that the cycle is a little faster. Eyelashes don’t get as “old” as hair, but the principle is the same.

Anagen phase: The time of growth. The eyelashes grow and absorb nutrients through the skin. This can take one to three months. It is recommended to lengthen the anagen phase and help the lashes absorb more nutrients. So they grow faster and longer.

Catagen phase: This is the time of eyelash dying. It works like this: the hair becomes weaker and then gradually separates from the skin. This takes two to three weeks, but it can be quicker if you rub the eyelid, pull the eyelashes, or otherwise damage them. Then weaker hair will fall out faster.

Many women observe this, for example, when using artificial eyelashes, which always have a mechanical influence on the existing eyelashes. With regular use, your own eyelashes can become weaker, thinner and fewer.

Telogen phase: In this phase the hair follicle prepares to grow a new eyelash. The telogen phase is very long, 90 or even 100 days.

This is how the eyelash serum works

Grow lashes long

It is a threefold effect that makes Long4Lahses so successful: on the one hand, a certain active ingredient stimulates the growth of the eyelashes, on the other hand they are nourished, moisturized and soothed. This way, not only will they grow longer and become denser, but they will also be able to live longer.

With 3 ml of the serum you can get four months. When using it, you should strictly adhere to how and when you use it and not change the cycle on your own initiative. After only three weeks of daily use of the serum, the eyelashes should be visibly longer and darker. Spectacular thickening and elongation is a reward for systematic use of Long4Lashes Serum for 4 months. The application itself is not demanding, it is carried out overnight. The preparation is applied in one movement by pulling a thin brush along the upper lash line with the eye closed. Applied correctly, the cosmetic does not get into the eye.

After the first course of treatment, it should continue to be used three to four times a week to maintain success.

Important questions about the application

Unfortunately, many women find that their eyelashes get a little thinner with age

There are some important questions that can arise when using the serum. Women with contact lenses or sensitive eyes in particular need this information:

  1. Can you use it with contact lenses? – Yes, but they have to be removed first. Since you use it overnight, that shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Can the preparation irritate the eyes? – This should not normally happen, as it is only applied to the lash line. It doesn’t belong in the eye!
  3. How fast does it work? – You should be patient for three to four weeks and use it regularly, then the results can be seen very clearly.

Rice and almond oil to make eyelashes grow longer

Many women confirm: This serum can actually change life and conjure up a unique look. Self-confidence improves, you feel more comfortable in your own skin and you prefer to look other people in the face. We think this is an all-round success. It is worth a try for every woman who wants thicker and longer eyelashes.