Facial care from 30 – tips for beautiful skin without wrinkles

Facial care from 30 wrinkles cream beauty regime

Even complexion without pigment spots, fine pores and no wrinkles – those who care for their skin every day can protect it from environmental influences and counteract natural skin aging. Normally, collagen formation slows down after the age of 25, and the first traces of lack of sleep, stress and poor nutrition can soon be seen. However, these can be overcome with a little patience – regular facial care from the age of 30 is an absolute must.

Facial care from 30 – the basic principles for beautiful skin

Facial care from 30 - correct skin nutrition

If you want beautiful skin, the first thing you should do is eat a healthy diet – a nutrition plan tailored to your own needs and skin type is the first step towards a new beauty regime. But above all, patience is required – because the first results come after four weeks at the earliest. The second step to a radiant face is face yoga and facial massage – simple exercises help Control facial expressions and the facial expressions to prevent wrinkles. Appropriate sun protection, adequate sleep and at least 2 liters of water per day round off the basic advice on facial care from 30.

Facial care from 30 – correct cleaning depending on skin type

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Your own skin type changes over the years – that is why it is important to recognize these changes in good time. Oily skin often turns into combination skin after the age of 30, combination skin – dry skin. The quickest way to determine your own type is with a simple test – first clean your face, wait 30 minutes and then place blotting paper on your forehead, nose and cheeks. If you can see traces of fat afterwards, a thorough cleaning makes sense – products such as washing creams and special cleaning masks are suitable (apply a maximum of 2 times a week). Dry skin, on the other hand, can be cleansed with a mild emulsion and pampered with a soft care mask three times a week. Sensitive skin can also be refreshed several times a day with thermal water spray.

Facial care – anti-wrinkle care

Facial Care 30 Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

Even if wrinkles are already visible on the face, they can be fought with the right anti-wrinkle care. Basically, it does not matter whether your own skin is dry, sensitive or combination skin – a suitable cream supplies the skin with moisture day and night, cushions it from the inside and in this way reduces the formation of wrinkles. The combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and care oils, which stimulates collagen formation, is particularly effective. Vitamin A, for example, provides more freshness, while vitamins C and E fight free radicals and protect the skin from environmental influences. Some manufacturers even go a step further and offer an alternative to Botox injections – the active ingredient Argireline, which Cream from the German brand Meforma contains, reduces the depth of wrinkles by weakening nerve signals and slightly tensing the facial muscles. The facial expressions remain natural.

Who needs an eye cream?


Many people assume that the skin around the eyes is more sensitive (because it is thinner) and that they therefore need a special eye cream for this area. This is actually not true – the skin around the eyes has exactly the same needs as the whole face. In theory, the same cream can be applied if it is of course of high quality. In practice, however, this is rarely the case – mainly because the skin around the eyes is usually dry and needs more moisture than the face itself. This is where eye creams come in – they contain antioxidants that regenerate the skin and effectively fight wrinkles.

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