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What are the nail polish trends for summer 2014


It’s the season of sandals and beach party fashion. That is why the right care for the hands and feet is essential. In order for us to look chic and attractive, we use fresh nail polish nuances in this warm and sunny season, which complement our clothes, hairstyle and make-up and bring a good mood.

The nail polish trends for manicures and pedicures this summer


Summer is colorful and full of adventure and this is what the fashion trends for 2014 look like – the current colors for bikini, sunglasses and clothing are also in the Nail polish trends transfer. The basic colors, as well as some techno nuances, come first, completed with glitter effects and dark ideas from the sea palette.

Proper hand and foot care in line with the 2014 nail polish trends


Before we get to know the current colors, we should take care of the sensitive hands and the slightly coarse soles. To start with, get a small bath tub and a pair of cotton gloves and socks specially designed to soothe the skin through masks.



Create a bath for the hands, e.g. B. with warm oils. Olive oil cares for the sensitive skin of the hands and nails and provides natural moisture. Use this oil as a bath or in a mask with honey. For this mask, mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. Then put the mask on your hands and put on two layers of gloves – first made of plastic, and on top – made of cotton. Let the mask work for 30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

The soles

The pros recommend simply running on the beach to treat the rough areas of the skin. Your feet feel great in the sea and receive a natural treatment with salt and minerals. But if you are not at the sea, you can also take a bath with salts in the evening at home and then also an exfoliation. Then dampen the feet with cream or oil.

Trendy nail polish colors in 2014 – yellow


Gray and beige

nail polish-trends-2014-summer-body-colors

The peppermint color




The marine colors