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Professional tips on how to properly apply make-up

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We can learn a lot from professional stylists. Your valuable advice is welcome to every woman who wants to look perfect and who values ​​flawless make-up. Today we have some helpful, professional tips to help you out properly make-up can.

A few professional tips on how to do your makeup properly


Correct make-up with professional brushes

A basic requirement for great make-up is the use of suitable make-up tools.

Make-up artists claim that the make-up brushes are just as important as the quality of the products they use properly make-up can. For this reason, it is important that you have 8 types of brushes. These are a make-up, a correction, a rouge, a powder, a lip brush and a brush for precise application or smudging of eye shadow.

With a professional set of brushes you can properly make-up


Like an artist and painter, you too should know how to properly hold brushes. Do not press it too hard on your face. Hold it gently and apply the product with light movements.

Make-up properly by mixing the make-up with the foundation


Furthermore, the make-up artists recommend that you learn how to mix the foundation with the make-up.

If you want a delicate and more precise look, consider mixing these two products together. In this way you get the covering properties of the make-up. In addition, your make-up will last longer and become more even.

Apply the correction pen like a professional


So that make-up is perfect overall and you are properly make-up defects on the face, such as redness caused by the warm or cold weather, dark circles, scars and others, must be recognized and covered with a suitable product.

To do this, you should know that opposite colors can neutralize each other.

For example, redness can be covered with a correction pen in a greenish shade and dark circles under the eyes with a correction pen with an orange shade.

Correct make-up for a perfect contour of the face


This is great advice that the professional make-up artists give us.

For example, if you have a round face but would rather make it look oval, you should use a tanning cream or tanning powder that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin color.

Correct make-up you can relate to them by best applying them to the temples, chin, and cheeks. Those who have a high forehead should apply the tanning cream to the top of the forehead, along the hairline. You can also correct a wide nose this way. Starting from the middle of the nose, apply the cream or powder along the bridge of the nose and down to the eyebrows.

Change the shape of the eyessmoke-eyes-photo-make-up-brush-gray

Without a doubt, one of the best makeup benefits is that it lets you hide your blemishes.

You can, for example, if you are properly make-up, Lengthen your eyes. To do this, simply apply a dark shade on the eyelids. There is also a great tip for women with small eyes. Take a white or beige kohl and apply it to the inner corner of the lower lash line. This way, your eyes will look more open and therefore bigger. Then use a black kohl for the upper and lower lash line and connect the line with the lighter one in the inner corner of the eye.

Make sure, however, that the light line stands out


Many makeup experts recommend that a few drops of water be added to the mascara. This way, it will be easier to apply and will feel lighter properly make-up can. If you are not sure which color to choose for the mascara, trust black. This will improve the shape of your eyes and emphasize the eyelashes.

Apply black mascara 


The correct shape of the eyebrows is also important for the line of the face