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5 eye makeup tips to emphasize brown eyes

Eye makeup brown-eyes-purple-eyeshadow-nude-lips

In case you’ve been wondering for a while how to accentuate your brown eyes so they don’t look dull and pale, today we have some helpful tips for that Eye make up for you who answer the question.

5 eye makeup tips to emphasize brown eyes

Eye make-up brown-eyes-nude-eyeshadow-eyeliner

Follow the tips below for that Eye make up to emphasize brown eyes and you will find that the features of your face can be given a new shine.

1. Choose a combination of light and dark shades for your eye make-up

Eye makeup brown-eyes-cappucchino-eyeshadow

A great tip for emphasizing brown eyes is to choose an eye shadow made from neutral colors like peach, pale orange, light brown, beige, or coffee. It also makes them look bigger. If you are in the process of looking for a new eyeliner, then it is better to rely on the darker shades of the brown color. Such are, for example, a dark chocolate brown, charcoal, coconut brown, etc. This combination of opposite colors is guaranteed to make your eyes stand out.

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2. Use shimmery eyeshadow

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Just don’t confuse the word shimmer with crazy eyeshadows full of glitter to accentuate brown eyes. We recommend that you go for this Eye make up first apply the eyeshadow of your choice and then add a little neutral shimmer to your eyelid using a thin brush or your fingers. This is a great way to highlight your brown eyes without looking overly made up.

3. Select Blue


For this Eye make up you need to be confident and brave. If you stay shy, this tip on how to accentuate brown eyes can become completely pointless. Electric blue looks just wonderful in contrast to brown eyes. So next time you’re getting dressed up for a party, be bold and wear blue eyeshadow in combination with a dark brown eyeliner. To emphasize your eyes even more, you can make up your eyelashes with a navy blue mascara.

4. Choose lavender


This tip for emphasizing brown eyes comes from stylists. They claim that not necessarily just that Eye make up can help make brown eyes stand out. You can also change the makeup of your face to naturally accentuate your eyes. Many stars use, for example, delicate lavender colors and pink tones in the foundation, the concealer, the lipsticks and for the blush and leave the brown eyes as they are. Don’t you also find that this interesting tip is a great and unusual way to get brown eyes without one Eye make up to highlight?

5. Smudged metallic eyeshadow and eyeliner


What do you think of metallic eyeshadows? What is certain is that they come and go in fashion. But then, do you know how to use them to your advantage to accentuate your brown eyes? It’s not so hard! Great tip for that Eye make up to emphasize brown eyes is to apply a metallic eyeshadow in a gray shade and then smudge it with a brush, a handkerchief or with your finger. This creates a seemingly unkempt, smoky bedroom look that can accentuate your eyes as well as you can hardly imagine.

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