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Updo Hairstyle with Braid – Instructions & Variants

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Only recently did the beautiful Nina Dobrev impress. The hair is pinned high on the head with a pretty braided hairstyle. Find out here how you can do the updo yourself.

Instructions for updo from braided hair

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Everyone has a crush among the stars in terms of fashion and beauty. Nina Dobrev is one of them for many. The actress, known from The Vampire Diaries, manages to combine a youthful style with extravagance at every appearance on the red carpet and amazes everyone with interesting and complicated hairstyles.

Instructions for updos in Nina Dobrev style

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Recently, at an event, Nina Dobrev wore her pretty locks in a casual yet elegant updo made of braided hair.

The star hairstylist and top artist at Wella Professionals Aubrey Loots explains this Instructions for updo  Make ‘Nina Dobrev Style’ yourself at home in just a few steps.

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How to create the Nina Dobrev hairstyle from braided hair

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“This is a fun braid that is easy to recreate at home. The goal of Nina’s hairstyle is to achieve an ‘unfinished’ yet structured and intended style, “begins Aubrey Instructions for updo.

Braid bangs for the updo

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1. To recreate Nina’s braided hairstyle at home, start hand drying your hair. Before they are completely dry, massage in Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz for structure and a matting effect.

2. Then tie the hair in a ponytail and add more Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz.

3. Braid the hair in an ordinary braid, twist it or tie it in a bun and wrap the braid around its base, i.e. around the hair elastic.

4. Pull a strand of hair out from the side of your face and try to tousle the whole hairstyle a bit.

5. Finally fix the hairstyle braided hair with a light hairspray. To do this, use, for example, Wella Professionals Stay Essential

Braid updo


Bun in a tousled look with a twisted strand


Side bun as an updo


Shape the braid into a bun


The braids are a part of the updo


A wreath encircles the forehead


Nina Dobrev’s style is casual but elegant


Ombre effect rolled into an updo


The topknot is a sign of class and style


The hair is pinned high on the tip of the head


The ponytail looks chic too

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